Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Liams Homemade Bread - take one

After buying him the Women's Institute book on bread making, Liam began his bread-making journey tonight, and made his first loaf!

Using the recipe for a simple brown loaf he created his first delicious masterpiece!! :-)

It's now 10:35pm and we've just had a warm buttery slice each & it was really nice! He's really fired up now to create more bread, to learn more about it, and gain lots of bread making skills (he fancies himself as a bit of a Paul Hollywood!) and who am I to quash his enthusiasm? If that means I HAVE to try lots and lots of delicious homemade bread, then I GUESS I can be persuaded :-)


Here's his bread making in pictures.... (they might be in a funny order as I'm using my phone to blog, sowwy!!)

Night night xx


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