Wednesday 23 May 2012

It is my Mumma's birthday!

Today (23.5.12) is my lovely Mumma's 55th Birthday, and although I can't be there with her today as i am working in Bedford, and she's in Surrey, I will be there with her to celebrate at the weekend! I took her presents down ahead of time & will be bringing her a home baked jubilee inspired birthday cake on Friday night!

I thought today would be a nice time to share all the things that remind me of, and make me think of my mum. What if I had to sum her up in words, what would I say? If I had to describe her in pictures which ones would I show you?

After mum falling so ill this year it really has bought home to me how lucky I am to have her. I'm so glad she is recovering well. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her!

My lovely mum ...

Freesias, Oscar perfume, long nails, chunky jewellery, knitting, eternal beau crockery, Portuguese rose, pink hedgehog jumper, per una, cups of tea, chocolate brazil nuts, dancing like a mad woman, roast dinners, Facebook games, laptop, humming all the time, casualty, the soaps, birds of a feather, Richmond Theatre, dancing with Elvis, can't get back on boats, haven holidays as a kid, Rod Stewart music when I was small, Homemade scotch eggs, Trips to Tilgate Park when I was small, nans jewellery, silly birds nest hat, our yellow starlet car when I was a kid, her lovely blonde hair, Tupperware, her "Monger" smile. My Mumma! Xxxxxxx