Monday, 28 May 2012

Summer Pampering!!

What a beautiful weekend it has been!
Liam & I headed back to my folks house in Surrey, and spent the weekend catching up with everyone & enjoying the glorious sunshine!

I had a very naughty day Saturday, full of pampering & shopping. (Lucy Heaven) ... My lovely cousins own/work in a gorgeous nail & beauty Salon in Crawley, West Sussex... so me, my mum & my twin sister headed down there together for the afternoon!

I had a full body St Tropez Spray Tan, and a Shellac on my finger nails. Felt so nice to be pampered and prettified!
I was so nervous about having the spray tan as I've never done anything like that before, but I wanted to have a practice run before our wedding, to make sure I liked it & would be happy to have it on my wedding day. The verdict....oh yes! I love it! The treatment was so quick & easy, lovely & cooling in this heat, & the results were instant. It really perks up your confidence & you just feel healthier with a little spring in your step! Also it makes your teeth look whiter! Fab! I will definitely be returning for another spray tan for the wedding, and who knows, I might just make it a semi-regular treat. :-)

I also adore having my nails done, I tend to opt for a manicure or a Shellac rather than a set of false nails, as my own nails are long & pretty strong. I always enjoy nail pampering as I used to bite my nails terribly! So having pretty nails is still a novelty for me. I went for a pretty bright pink varnish & by the time I left the salon I was feeling extremely summery!

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping & I found two awesome bargains! A stunning floral summer dress from Laura Ashley for £35 from £70 in the sale, and the most beautiful 50's style half bodice bra & matching knickers from Debenhams for £21 from £30. :-) Bargain central!!!

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with my aunt, uncle, brother, sister, mum, stepdad & cousin-at a party on sat night & a BBQ on Sunday! The weather was perfect, the food was scrummy & the Pimms was free flowing....absolute bliss!!!

Its just such a shame that Monday comes back round again so soon! :-(

Lucy xxx

Beautiful Nails Salon, Crawley...

Ps. Mum's Jubilee inspired birthday cake went down SO well, and was pretty much demolished by Sunday night :-)


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