Sunday 11 August 2013

First Wedding Anniversary & a trip to a Buddies USA Diner

This time last year I was getting ready to marry Liam! 

I cannot believe how fast a year has gone, and I cannot quite take in all that has happened in one short year. Our wedding day was absolutely magical, and I will never quite get over just what an amazing day it was - such happy memories! 

Outside the farmhouse

in the barn during speeches

me outside the registry office

me and my lovely mumma! 

the beautiful barn

my four gorgeous bridesmaids, and lovely hubby! 

I treasure my wedding photos so much, and have regularly looked back at them over the last year to reminisce. 

After the wedding Liam and I went through a really tough time when we lost our first baby due to a miscarriage at the end of our honeymoon, it was such a sad time for us. but ultimately made us stronger,  and made us fight harder for what we wanted, a baby.

And now, a year down the line our Little Mr is one week away from being due, and I look like a beached whale! Exciting times!

the beached whale look

We nervously anticipate the birth, and I have absolutely everything crossed that we soon get to meet a healthy little bouncing baby boy, and all our dreams come true. 

One Year Anniversary

Everyone has been telling Liam and I to enjoy our 'last chance' to go out alone as a couple - encouraging us to go out to eat, go to the cinema etc before the baby is here and we will apparently have no social life, or sleep ever again! Lol. So, not one to turn down advice, we headed off last night for an anniversary celebration meal to a Buddies USA Diner in Northampton.

We had the place recommended to us by my lovely friend Liz, who knows that Liam and I love a fun night out, good hearty food, and are big fans of American food culture (think Man vs. Food). The diners are spread all round Northamptonshire, and boast a huge menu full of American-esque cuisine (burgers, waffles, donuts, fries, soda floats etc!)...this place is SO American you can even opt to have your burger served in a donut. Yes, a donut!

Liam and I arrived to the hustle and bustle of a true 'diner' atmosphere - the only thing that was missing according to Liam was that the waiting staff weren't on roller-skates! 

I could literally only JUST fit into the booth with my very large bump, and had to sort of sit sideways for the duration - the booths certainly aren't made for American waist sizes (if you know what I mean!) 

hubby gearing up for his feast

my 'please don't take a photo of me' face

Firstly, we ordered drinks - American-stylie!

a coke float for me :-)

and a coors light for Liam

Next, we studied the amazing menu at great length ... this is just a snippet of the hamburger menu...amaze...

After taking advice from Liz, a well-seasoned Buddies visitor, we decided to skip appetisers, and head straight for a burger and dessert. Liz recommended the medium size burger for me, and she was spot on - Liam went for a large, with loaded fries (he's far more Adam Richmond than me!)

There is so much choice it's overwhelming, but again after seeking advice about whats best we chose:

LIAM: The Large AMERICAN MAC Burger (loaded with Mac & Cheese), with cheese and bacon loaded fries and beans

LUCY: The Medium Donut burger (a burger loaded with cheese and bacon, served in a donut instead of a bun!) with fries and a corn cob. 

Liam's FEAST

Lucy's FEAST

The food was insanely good - proper stodge! Haute cuisine is lovely - but sometimes you just really fancy a great big dirty burger, right? I loved having mine served in a donut - the bacon and cheese went really well with the sweetness from the donut (think bacon and maple syrup) and the beef burger was so juicy and meaty. I'm glad I stuck with plain fries instead of loaded, as I wouldn't have been able to eat any more. 

Liam devoured his plate, and was more than happy with his choice - creamy mac & cheese, in a burger, with chips and more cheese with bacon - what more could any man ask for?

Believe it or not, after that we still had room for dessert - and I'm sooooo glad we did! 

Liam's choice: The BIGGEST piece of Banoffee Pie I've EVER seen.  

it was literally a quarter of a pie! 

and the scrummiest hot Bourbon & Pecan pie for me, with Vanilla ice cream....words cannot tell you how scrumptious this was. 

dessert heaven

We joked when we finished that at least if I went into labour that night I would have eaten the biggest carb-fueled energy-boost sugar-filled meal to give me the energy to get the baby out! :-)

I think the photos speak for themselves, but I honestly can't recommend Buddies enough - they are incredibly family friendly, with a full children's menu, fast, friendly and efficient service, and very good value for money - our total bill came to under £36 last night. We will definitely be returning - with Baby Bishop in tow - if for no other reason than to sample their extensive breakfast menu, and to try another awesome burger combo! 

How do you celebrate your anniversaries?

Would Buddies be the top of your list?

Mrs B