Friday 30 August 2013

The Arrival of Baby Bishop

Mrs Bishop is pleased to announce the arrival of her gorgeous baby boy Albert Kenneth Bishop  - who was born on Thursday 22nd August 2013 at 1:32pm, just 4 days late. The little monkey didn't keep me waiting for too long, and arrived safe and sound (after a traumatic delivery) to the proudest of parents. We are totally smitten with the little fella, and have taken hundreds of photos of him already! 

He is such a little character, and we cannot believe he is already a week and one day old! He's gotten into a lovely routine, and is a very chilled little man at the moment - long may it continue!! 

I'd love to share with my readers some pictures from Albert's first week....he is already the most photographed baby ever! 

newborn Albert, just a few minutes old

Albert - 10 mins old

skin to skin with mummy just after he was born 

the BIGGEST feet you've ever seen??

Daddy cuddles! 

My handsome little fella

the perfect yawn shot! 

wind face

wind face

wind face

Albert's first walk out in his pram ... 5 days old

in his Hawaiian outfit from his Auntie Susie

his feet are so big we have had to cut the toes out of his newborn baby grows so his toes don't get squished - hehe!!

His kung fu/superman pose, cute! 

Cuddles with his Nanny Seaside! 

My little cutey! 

Monkey outfit 

4 Generations of family...Flossie aged 91 Great Nan, Nanny Ruth (Liam's Mum), Liam, and Albert. 

I've never seen baby feet quite like it! 


Mummy snuggles! 

excuse the tired faces! Mummy snuggles this morning! 

So sorry about the lack of posts on the blog-front, but I've been a pretty busy lady! Not a lot of time for baking or banter I'm afraid. 

I've even had to resort to shop-bought baked-goods for the constant lovely flow of visitors... I'm sure they'll all excuse my tardiness on the baking-front...I'll no doubt get a cake in the oven some time soon! 

Bye for now

Mrs B