Tuesday 15 October 2013

Ozeri 4x Motion Digital Pedometer REVIEW

Disclaimer: I was sent the Ozeri 4X Motion Digital Pedometer for the purpose of this review. All words and images are my own. 

So, I'm still on the calorie counting wagon, and managed to lose 4lbs last week! I was really pleased with that as it was my 27th birthday last tuesday and I had a slap-up lunch out with my husband where I didn't calorie count at all - I was worried the 'day off' might result in a gain, but all was well. 

I'm trying to ensure I get out and about for a walk to burn calories as often as I can manage, and I use the pre-stored data from the app 'My Fitness Pal' to log the calories I burn. However, the data in the app is just a general estimate of the calories I might have burned. The problem with logging exercise in this way is it is not very accurate as the calories you burn during exercise depends on many factors including your own weight, and the speed at which you travel.  The people at Ozeri have created a product which takes all of this into consideration, and in turn can give you much more reliable data.

I've used pedometers in the past which have to be clipped to your clothing and make an annoying clicky sound each time a step is counted, they usually fall off mid-walk, and give pretty unreliable readings. The Ozeri 4X Motion Digital Pedometer on the other hand can be worn round your neck on a lanyard, or be popped into your pocket, and uses its advanced Tri-Axis Technology to take its readings making it a much more reliable machine, which is easier and more comfortable to wear. 

The pedometer was incredibly easy to set up, the instructions in the box are straight-forward, and the machine feels very instinctive to use. It asks you to input your weight, length of your stride, and then calendar settings before being able to use the pedometer. The combination of this information helps to create the bespoke readings for your workouts. 

Here is an example of the data collected on the pedometer - this is my walk from today. :-)


Exercise type: Walk
Duration of exercise: 53 minutes
Steps taken: 6279
Calories Burned: 477.1
Distance travelled: 4.7 miles
Speed: 5.31 mph

on the lanyard round my neck

steps counted 6279 - 16:10 (current time) 10 (month) 15 (date)

477.1 kcal burned

4.70 miles walked

53 minute workout 

Speed: 5.31 miles per hour

The pedometer also has a blue back light which is so great for evening/night time use. Ozeri produce the pedometer in both yellow or black (I have the snazzy yellow one - nice and bright, not easy to lose!) and they are available to purchase on Amazon. 

You can buy the Ozeri Pedometer on Amazon here for £15.95 

Product details:
  • Ultra Slim design - fits in any pocket.
  • New 3D Tri-Axis sensor - superior accuracy in any position.
  • Counts up to 1 million steps.
  • Tracks distance, speed and calories burned.
  • 7 day memory.
  • 3 recording modes: today, split & total. 
  • Blue backlight for night viewing.
  • Sports timer, clock and calendar.
  • Split screen display for multi-data views.
  • Auto sleep mode.
  • Lithium battery (included).
Ozeri really have thought of everything with this nifty little device. I couldn't recommend it enough, and will be using it daily to accurately track the calories I burn during my long walks with Bert in his buggy. 

Hopefully it will be a great aid to my weight loss journey post-baby! Watch this space!

Mrs B