Thursday 24 October 2013

Pampers New Baby Sensitive Challenge & HILARIOUS accounts of Bert's nappy changes

We have recently been using Pampers New Baby Sensitive nappies, as part of a challenge sponsored by BritMums. We were sent a months supply of Pampers sensitive nappies to use on little Bert, and report back on how we've got on. 

In all honesty, these are genuinely the best nappies we have tried out, and we've tried quite a few! 

Why are they so good? They don't leak! All the supermarket-own brand nappies that we have tried (Tesco, Aldi and Sainsburys) have all at one time or another, leaked. This is so annoying as it makes the changing process more labour-intensive, and means going through more clothes, and distressing little Bert who gets all wet and uncomfortable. We've used Pampers Sensitive nappies for a few weeks now and not a single one has leaked. In fact, Bert slept for 11 hours in a Pampers Sensitive nappy one night, and there wasn't even a drop of leakage - oh my that was a full nappy! 

These nappies seem very soft on Bert's skin, and he hasn't had any irritation from using them. They have cute fun designs on the front, and a brilliant wetness indicator strip - yellow when dry, blue when wet - this saves the waste of changing a dry nappy! 

Pampers Sensitive Nappy

dry nappy with yellow stripe

very wet nappy with blue stripe! 

It is also worth noting that these nappies have a great fit, they are size 2 which says weight range 6-13lbs, Bert has grown out of supermarket own brand size 2, but Pampers still fit nicely. This is great as each Pampers Sensitive size seems to be usable for longer, which is only a good thing and saves wasting the end-of-the-pack that no longer fit nappies! 

Bert seems to be happy with them, and he is surely the most reliable reviewer of us all?

Bert feeling very happy in his Pampers Sensitive nappy! 

The Truth Behind Nappy Changes

Bert has had some hilarious nappy changes in the 9 weeks he's been around - including managing to poo up his back, which in turn went on my lap (through a supermarket own-brand nappy) and puke in his own ear simultaneously! What an achievement! 

He also has been known to PROJECTILE-POO!! I genuinely did not know this was possible until I had a baby of my own. Bert was having his first professional photo shoot a few weeks ago when I could smell that he'd pooed - I rushed to change him, took off the dirty nappy, lifted his legs to wipe and POW! out came a projectile poo (he obviously hadn't finished - silly Mummy!) It went EVERYWHERE, all up my arm, all over the mat, the floor, his own legs and feet! Wow, that was a memorable nappy change! 

Bert moments after his projectile poo! Butter wouldn't melt! 

My husband sums up the nappy change brilliantly in his hilarious description of changing Bert from his blog Child, Man Child:

"The nappy changes on the whole work a bit like this, we have them down to a well oiled pitstop now.

-          Lay baby down
-          Remove baby-grow, cursing as you can’t work out how to get it off, or even undo the iron-strong poppers
-          Remove nappy while holding breathe and prepare yourself for what is inside
-          Catch wee suddenly shooting out over the carpet and quickly use nappy as a wee-shield to deflect the wee, accidentally all over baby's own hair
-          Try to sooth baby crying with dummy which gets spit out immediately into a puddle of wee
-          Use wipes/cotton wool/anything to hand to mop up wee and clean the baby
-          Once all clean, baby will then poo
-          Use wipes/cotton wool/anything to hand to clean up poo and baby again
-          Try to attach new nappy
-          Wrestle legs of the strongest baby ever born, deflect kicks
-          Attach one side of new nappy, then baby poos again
-          Use wipes/cotton wool/anything to hand to clean up poo and baby AGAIN
-          Try to attach 2nd new nappy
-          Wrestle legs of the strongest baby ever born, deflect kicks
-          Attach new nappy
-          Adjust earplugs as crying still constant
-          Find new baby clothes
-          Curse as try and work out how it fixes onto baby, as it has 3000 poppers that attach in random places, wonder if you have brought a baby-grow for a baby octopus rather than a human
-          Get baby-grow over the head, round the body, wrestle arms into shape, find out legs don’t fit as baby’s feet are so large
-          Remove baby-grow and search for one without legs
-          Ask wife to watch baby while you hunt around the house for new baby-grow without legs
-          Eventually end up cutting the feet out of a normal baby-grow with scissors, just so you can fit his legs in it
-          Attempt to wrestle baby into it AGAIN
-          Finally get baby-grow on and cue a quiet cute-again baby"

You might laugh but this is SO TRUE! 

Hence why we need a nice reliable nappy to make the process that little bit smoother. 

Pampers Sensitive nappies are priced at £10.99 for 56 size 2 nappies (20p per nappy), and are currently on offer at Tesco until 11.11.13 for 2 packs for £12 - what a bargain! 

Check out the Pampers website here for all the products available and have a peek at their Facebook page here.

What nappies do you use? 

Have you had any disastrous nappy changes?

Mrs B


Disclaimer: This post and review are part of a sponsored project with BritMums. All opinions are my own.