Friday 6 March 2015

Easter with Lindt *REVIEW*

It is exactly one month today until Easter Weekend begins. 

Easter in our house is always about getting together as a whole family for a nice meal, and enjoying each other's company. We're not a religious family, but any excuse to get together is welcomed with open arms, and so instead we like to celebrate to arrival of Spring: we look forward to the coming of the nicer weather, the beautiful spring flowers and the tiny baby animals! 

Spring for us is such an optimistic and happy season. 

Of course, with Easter comes all the chocolate! In years gone by I've dreaded Easter with all its chocolatey temptation and usually come away from the holiday feeling utterly depressed because I've eaten far too many Easter eggs. This year feels very different. 

During our change to a healthy lifestyle last year Liam and I decided to change the way we ate for good, and with that came a pledge to limit 'treat' foods, and only eat the best of these, to ensure we always enjoyed them, and never regretted what we'd eaten afterwards. This seems to work well for us. As chocolate snobs, we pledged that we would only ever be tempted by our favourite chocolate brands: and so, when Lindt asked if we'd like to try our their Spring 2015 range, how on earth could we say no? 

Of course, we haven't been disappointed. Their new range is completely stunning, and full to the rafters with gorgeous new items to gift to your loved ones this Easter. I'm sharing with you today my absolute favourites from the new range, but trust me when I say that there is so much more to see. 

Lindt Easter heaven for The Bishop Family! 

We were sent the most stunning collection of Easter goodies from the lovely people over at Lindt, our collection included a gorgeously iconic Lindt Gold Bunny for Liam, Albert and I. The Dark Gold Bunny (200g) for Daddy, the Milk Gold Bunny (200g) for Mummy, and a twee little White Gold Bunny (100g) for The Bertster.

What a perfect chocolate family they make!

Of course, Mummy & Daddy will "help" Bert with his ;-)

Lindt Gold Dark Bunny (100g) priced at £2.99 (200g bunny pictured*)
Lindt Gold Milk Bunny (200g) priced at £4.49
Lindt Gold White Bunny (100g) priced at £2.99

A basket full of chocolate happiness...

As part of their Easter range Lindt have launched some gorgeous Lindor eggs, which come with a selection of delectable Lindor truffles, as well as a hollow chocolate egg. 

Their newest collection this season is called A Taste of Spring, and is packaged in gorgeous pastel pinks and greens with spring bunny's a-hopping all over the boxes/wrapping. The Taste of Spring range includes mini flame eggs (pictured above - the small wrapped egg in the pink/green/beige wrapper with pink ribbon), praline gift boxes, and Spring gift boxes. 

(A Taste of Spring is available exclusively at Selfridges, Harrods & other premium outlets.)

We were sent the Lindor Spring Easter Egg priced at £8.99, and a Lindt Taste of Spring Flame Easter Egg (57g) priced at £3.99. 

Is he not the cutest bunny you ever did see? I cannot wait to see Albert's face when I give him this on Easter Sunday! (Keep an eye on my social media platforms for pictures on the big day!)

For Bert, as an extra-special treat this Easter Lindt sent us the newest edition to the Lindt Gold Bunny family...the Lindt Bunny Soft Toy with Mini Milk Bunnies, who is priced at £13.49 and comes with three mini golden milk bunnies, which fit into a little zip pocket on the bunny's bottom! Too cute! He is the perfect mix of gorgeous keep-forever toy and mini tasty treat for any little people this Easter who couldn't manage a whole egg. Genius! 

Five Little Lambs (50g) priced at £2.59

Another option for gorgeous little people who won't manage/aren't allowed a whole egg this Easter are these stunning little lambs, crafted from Lindt's delicious milk chocolate, these cute little individually wrapped lambs would be the perfect chocolate treat for your toddlers/small children. Bert has been completely devouring them - he laughs and cheers when he see's one on his lunch platter...

Bert very much enjoying his Lindt little lamb chocolates! Yum yum! 

My Lindor Spring Easter Egg - it is truly delicious! 

For me, Easter is all about Lindor (the best truffles in the world ever?!) and so Lindt kindly sent me one of their Lindor Spring easter eggs which was packaged in a beautiful pastel green box, and filled with a deliciously creamy milk egg and wonderful selection of Lindor truffles. What woman on earth wouldn't be thrilled to bits to receive this gorgeous girlie treat this Easter? Of course, then men will love it tastes too good to worry about the fact that it comes in a pretty box! Liam has already stolen a Lindor to two from the box! 

And just to give you a taste of what to expect from a Lindor truffle if you've never been lucky enough to try one...

I am in caramel heaven ever since trying this flavour Lindor truffle - nothing is wrong with the world when you're eaten one of these bad boys! 

The selection of Lindt Easter classics and the new additions offer gifts for the smallest members of the household right through to indulgent Easter treats for chocolate-loving adults - Lindt is definitely the perfect accompaniment to your magical Easter celebrations this year.

You can make all of these wonderful treats yours in time for Easter - just head over to the Lindt website and get shopping guys! Ditch the 'BOGOF' cheap-deal supermarket eggs (which, quite frankly, don't remotely compare to their Lindt contemporaries) and treat yourself to something truly special this Easter. 

Your whole family will thank you for it, trust me. 

Lindt products are available from Waitrose, Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Selfridges, Harrods, Premium Garden Centres and the Lindt e-shop.

HAPPY EARLY EASTER to all my readers, I hope you all enjoy a truly choc-tastic time!

Bye for now

Mrs B 


Disclaimer: I was sent the selected of Lindt Easter goodies pictures for the purpose of this review. All images, words and opinions are my own, excluding the Lindt logo.