Monday 23 March 2015

Protecting my iPhone with a Personalised Case App Phone Case *REVIEW*

Annoyingly, last month I accidentally dropped my iPhone 5S on the hard kitchen floor, and completely shattered its screen! Sob!

I had to pay my home insurance company £100 to fix it, and had to manage for two weeks without my mobile (it was hard but strangely liberating!)

A month down the line, with a shiny fixed screen, I dropped my phone once again (d'oh!), this time having it knocked out of my hand in the dining room where it hit the wooden floor, and I now have a new small crack in my screen, luckily, at the very bottom by the home button, and not in the way of the main screen. I can't afford to have it fixed again, so it is going to have to remain cracked for the foreseeable - I've popped a protective screen protector over the front of the screen to try and prevent the crack from worsening, and to stop any pieces of the screen breaking out. :-(

The next step for me was to find a more protective case to house my fragile phone in, as mine clearly wasn't cutting it! I wanted something robust - but not something that made my phone bulky, boxy and blokey like most of the protective phone cases I've seen. 

Case App are an online custom gadget case shop, who provide personalised phone cases for most phone types, as well as iPods, iPads, MacBooks and more. Luckily for me they have the option of making your case an extra protection tough case - to help protect your expensive gadgets. So I opted for one of these to try out. 

The Extra Protection Case: come with a silicone lining to cover and protect all sides of the phone and screen. 

You can upload your own photographs to use on your case, as well as being able to use a whole gallery of their stored images, pictures, logos and slogans. You can select lots of different layout options and can finish your case with either a matte or gloss effect. 

I chose to do a multi-image collage case of, you guessed it, Bert. 

I selected all of my favourite recent images of him - from the two of us taking tongue-out selfies, to him enjoying his dinner, brum-brumming his car out on a walk in his gorgeous Boden coat & flat cap, all dressed up in his 'posh' outfit with a bow tie, and some gorgeous portrait shots I took of him with my good camera. 

What a gorgeous selection of happy-making photos. 

I love my CaseApp phone case. Hello Bertster!

I absolutely love my new phone case, and am impressed with its quality - I love how personal it is, and that I will now always have recent photos of my beautiful boy with me to brighten my day.

The silicone inner case is really tough and easy to put on to the phone, it acts as a shock absorber, and I feel so much better now that my phone is a bit more protected. 

*Note to self: I must stop being clumsy!*

The B Man in phone form!

The images even wrap around to the side of the phone case, so every bit of your phone is covered in the pictures of your choosing! Great! 

I found the ordering process really easy and straightforward - the easy image uploader meant I could upload multiple images from my desktop in minutes, and the drag 'n' drop system for arranging your images in the template was a doddle. 

The phone case came to £24 in total (including postage) and most orders arrive within 5-7 days. Unfortunately, the first case CaseApp printed for me got lost in the maze that is the Royal Mail system, but the lovely people at Case App soon re-printed my case, and shipped it for a second time, this time arriving safe and sound on my doorstep - hooray! 

If you're looking for a fun, personal, and protective case for your gadget then look no further! 

Mrs B


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Disclaimer: I was sent this phone case for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own.