My Weight Loss Journey...

Read the feature on my 6 stone weight loss in the Daily Express (16/03/17) here.

Lucy Bishop 6 stone weight loss story (Daily Express)

One of my first motivations for writing this blog was to help me to document the weight loss journey I was planning on embarking on. I hoped to use the blog as an aid to keep me on track & make me more accountable for my eating/exercising etc. 

The plan was not to go on a "diet" but instead make a series of life changes, which I hoped would result in a steady weight loss. These changes included: a house move out of town which would encourage me (I hoped) to walk lots more to get around as I don't drive, a commitment to calorie count everything I ate using the My Fitness Pal App, swapping processed/shop bought treats for home made, a change to skimmed milk, low fat spread instead of butter, sweetener in my tea, and most of all a commitment to live a healthier and happier life. 

It seemed to work because three years on from starting my blog, with a wedding, a miscarriage and the birth of my beautiful baby boy Bert all under my belt, I managed to lose 6 stone 7 lbs and slimmed down from a UK size 20 to a size 12. 

Fast forward to today and I've now had my second child, a little girl Connie, who was born in June 2016 - and I'm back on a weight-loss journey to get rid of my baby weight and get back to my pre-second pregnancy weight. This time I'm stepping away from calorie counting and low fat products and instead using everything I've learnt about diet, nutrition an exercise over the years to make a commitment to eat well, be moderate and exercise regularly in definitely.

I joined the gym back in September 2016 and since then I've been going twice a week doing both a gym session and swim both times. For one of my gym sessions I train with my fabulous Personal Trainer Matt King. I also walk quite frequently and try to always eat moderately, with lots of fresh homemade meals and not too much processed stuff. I drink a little alcohol, but nothing excessive and I don't smoke. 

As of August 2017 I've lost 17lbs and would ideally like to lose about two stone more. I don't have a specific time frame in mind, just as long as I'm getting fitter, stronger, leaner and feeling like I'm making steady improvement. 

I'm making a commitment to the #getstrongnotskinny ethos - although the number on the scale can tell us a little about our overall health and fitness, it's not the be-all and end-all. So I will be weighing in regularly but I'll also be concentrating on how I feel, how I look, how my clothes fit, how strong I am and how fit I feel. 

Do come along with me for the ride!

If you'd like to read my previous weight loss story then read on...


At 17 st 2 lbs I was incredibly unhappy with the way I looked and felt very unhealthy. 


6 stone 7 lbs down and here's the results...

Heaviest weight: 17 stone 2 lbs 
Lightest weight: 10 stone 6 lbs
Current weight: 12 stone 12.6lbs
Goal weight: 10 stone 7lbs

(in date order)

January 2012 

My First Ever Post - about my initial aims, and my commitment to weight loss in time for my big day! At this point I'd lost 2.5 stone and I knew I needed some new motivation to keep me on track hence the start of this blog. 

Feb 2012

Weight Loss - An update on how I'm getting on and I chat about some of the foods I'm eating to help me achieve my goals. 

Walking - I talk about using the Nike + App & trying to walk as much as possible. 

March 2012

Must Push Things Forward... - An update, my 3 stone loss and I start to delve into my relationship with food a little deeper. 

My Week In Pictures - Finally a 2lb loss after weeks of staying the same! 

April 2012

Thin-spiration - Looking at a dress that inspires me to push on and shed the pounds.

A Weekend In Surrey - I reach my 3.5 stone loss.  

May 2012

Weightless Update - 3 stone 12 lbs lost so far & counting...

June 2012

Baking & Weight loss - How do I maintain my hobby & still manage to lose weight?

August 2012

We Tied The Knot & Our Wedding the Official Images - I'd managed to just pass my 4 stone loss, and weighed 13 stone on my wedding day. 

September 2012

A Very Difficult Post - I write candidly about suffering a miscarriage on our honeymoon. 

April 2013 

A Healthy Week & Tangle Pie Recipe - Mid pregnancy with baby Bert & trying (in vain) to control how much weight I put on in pregnancy I share some recipe ideas. 

September 2013

I'd Better Shape Up - Following the birth of my gorgeous baby boy Bert, I make a new commitment to shift the weight and be a happier/healthier mum! Full of lots of before/mid/after images, and thin-spiration pictures. 

Post-Pregnancy Nutrition *GUEST POST* - Nutritional expert Farrah Malik gives sound advice for post pregnancy nutrition and weight loss. 

October 2013

The Diary of A Greedy Blogger - An update on how I'm getting on, what is helping me achieve a loss each week and I delve into my relationship with eating, and my childhood a little more closely.

Pedometer Review - Always happy to give a piece of kit a run for its money I test out a pedometer from Ozeri.  

Jan 2014

New Year Musings - Another New Year, another opportunity to evaluate my life, and make some solid goals and commitments to a healthier lifestyle. 

Time to Shift Those Christmas Pounds - I discuss the treats I enjoyed over Christmas, and talk about how my attitude to food has changed, and my choice making when it comes to food has altered.

March 2014

WIN Special K Granola & A Weight Loss Update - I've reached my 3 stone loss & update you all with how I'm getting on. 

April 2014 

Body Composition Testing & Weight Loss Update - I have body composition testing done for the first time and find out my EXACT weight, body fat percentage etc. 3 stones 12 lbs down & counting...

May 2014

Pulled Gammon, Quiche Lorraine & Gammon Carbonara - An update and some yummy healthy recipes... 

July 2014

Weight Loss & A Sweet Tooth - I talk about how I've been having my cake and eating it too...! Great before/after shots of me and my husband. Between us we've now lost 9st 11lbs!!

August 2014

2nd Body Composition Testing & Sports Bra Review - I have my second round of body composition testing - have I made some positive changes? And I review a Shock Absorber sports bra. 

September 2014 

Weight Loss Update & Fitbug Orb Review - To date I've lost 5 stone 5 lbs, I talk about having a 'break' from calorie counting on holiday, putting on 5lbs, and I discuss my aims for the rest of the year. Also includes some new before/after shots. 

November 2014 

Hubby's Birthday Week of Food & How I Manage to Maintain My Weight - I've lost 6 st 1 lb and counting, but I have still managed to eat loads of 'treat' food - here I discuss how I maintain the balance. 

January 2015

Personal Aims for 2015 - My aims for the new year - including reaching my 10 stone weight goal, drinking more water and being kinder to myself...

Weight Loss Update & The Kitchen Safe Review - I update my progress so far, talk about how I've changed my eating and exercise habits over the past 17 months, and I review a new gadget designed to help you slim down called The Kitchen Safe - a lockable biscuit tin with no overrides!!

March 2015

How is it March Already? - I update you on how I'm getting on with my four goals for 2015: Be kinder to myself, drink more water, reach my 10 stone weight goal, read more books... 

Five years... - I celebrate the five year anniversary of when I met my husband Liam, by sharing with you photos of us before and after our combined 12 stone weight loss!

Weight Loss & Ferrero Rocher Brownies - I finally achieve a 3 lb loss after 5 weeks of maintaining - and I share some tips of achieving balance and moderation, how to have treats and still lose weight and of course, I share how I got on making Ferrero Rocher brownies! Yum yum! 

April 2015

I Won't Be An April Fool - The first of April and I'm feeling super-positive and ready to smash some more weight loss this month. I plan to get even closer to my 10 stone target weight. I've got a super jam packed April planned with Easter, chocolate & lots of temptation - so I discuss how I plan to keep the weight off this month. 

April Gains & This Time Last Year - So, I gained just 1lb during Easter week, despite loads of treats. I walked 38 miles this week to keep the weight gain to a minimum, and am looking back at this time last year to see how far I've come! 

June 2015

My Opinion of Meal Replacement Diets- I get to grips with a four day trial of the Exante Diet and explore my feelings towards meal replacement programmes and why they're not for me. Also a weight loss update and my game plan for the next few months. 

September 2015

Perfect 10? A little update from Mrs B... - An update from me regarding my weight, exercise regime, state of mind and a general catch up. I hope this post is uplifting, positive and inspiring - that is certainly what I intended it to be. I talk about maintaining my weight loss and my new goals for the future. 

October 2015

Bodpod and Parkrun - I have body composition testing done once again and share the results as well as talking about my first ever 5k run...! 

Sept 2016

My post-second-baby body & a Lotus Biscoff Caramelised Cheesecake - I chat about my body post second baby, discuss my goals and review a rather delicious cheesecake - how's that for balance?! ;-)

Three Ingredient NO-SUGAR Brownies - I'm embarking on #SugarFreeSeptember as a personal challenge to myself - I discovered how to make a super-healthy, sweet treat that contains no refined sugar and all natural ingredients. 

Nov 2016 

Getting Fit After Baby No.2 - Chatting about my progress since having Connie and talking about how I've upped my game when it comes to exercise. 

March 2017

The One Where I'm In A National Newspaper - A full page feature in the Daily Express about my 6st+ weight loss, plus a little update from me about how I'm getting on with getting back to my pre-Connie weight 9 months on. 

May 2017

Robinson Pools & Fitness Gym Review - I review the newly refurbished leisure centre in my hometown of Bedford. Six months using the gym - my verdict & a fitness/weight/lifestyle update.


Liam & I Nov 2014

Liam & I, Nov 2014

Dec 2014 - all dressed up for our Besties' winter wedding! 

Me - Sept 2014 (5 stone 5lbs lighter)

Me December 2014 (6st lighter)

Side by side before & after shots - it's interesting and motivating for me to look back and see the difference! 

April 2015 6 stone 9 pounds total loss: All dressed up for a friends wedding! This photo is really important to me as it is the first time I've felt pretty and confident in a wedding outfit. 


  1. You, Mrs Bishop are an inspiration. I'm so so pleased I've been able to follow your journey since 2012. You look AMAZING and I am so proud of how your hard work and determination has paid off.
    Lots of love xx

    1. Thank you poppet! I'm feeling totally fired up for the New Year & excited to get this last bit of weight off! :-) love you xxx

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  2. Came to this blog randomly,looking for GTecg reviews for my Mum. Have found soooo much more. Have been 'dabbling' with MFP obviously not getting results so considering the usual round of Slimming World/Weightwatchers/whatever. Your blog and results has changed my attitude,the ' I can't eat clean ALL the time' & using jelly beans for that evening challenge time particularly resonated. You are a total inspirational kick up the backside I needed,back on MFP today PROPERLY for probably the first time ever! Thank you x

    1. Hi Yogachick & thanks so much for stopping by! I'm so glad my journey has provided necessary motivation for you. That's fab! I wish you the very best of luck with your journey. MFP really is an absolutely fantastic tool & helps you to change bad habits. 18 months on and there's no looking back at all - I'm a different person to who I was pre-children. Feel free to add me as a friend over on MFP - my diary is open, and I'm always up for adding new healthy-lifestylers to my account, we can all help & support each other! Lots of hugs xx Lucy xx

    2. PS. On MFP my username is lucybishop2012 :-) xxx

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  3. You have done so well. I am where you started and I so need to lose the weight. I seem to start but never finish. I will lose say a stone but then it stops. Its hard being trapped inside a fat body screaming let me out !
    I am so pleased for you and you look wonderful

    1. Hi JollyJilly - thank you for you message, I so appreciate your kind words. You can absolutely do this my lovely - I so remember how overwhelming it feels when you're at the beginning of your weight loss journey - you feel as if there's too far to go & it is going to be too hard to achieve - but if you take it a little at a time, you'll be amazed. My aim was never to be 10 stone and a size 12, I would never have dared to dream I could achieve that. Instead my overall aim was to get to a size 16. Then once i achieved that, I kept lowering and lowering my target little by little, until I got here. If you'd like any support or help then do drop me an email, I'll gladly be your slimming buddy and help keep you motivated and on track! All the best Lucy x

  4. Inspirational before and after shots and you look so much younger now.
    Smallholdingsister xxx

    1. Thank you so much poppet! I feel younger too - my health & vitality has improved ten fold since I shifted the weight. x

  5. Bloody awesome love. You've done brilliantly. So much hard work and you've just done it. Clever you!!!! Xxxx

    1. Thanks Jess - you seem to be totally kicking butt on the weight loss front too - go us! x

  6. I do have to say that you are beautiful in your before pictures but you have just blossomed into this STUNNER and it's because you have such a happy smile. Well done and thank you for you slim-spirational instagram feed! xxxx

    1. Awww what a beautiful comment Katie, thank you so so much! Such kind words. I must say that both physically and mentally I feel so much happier and more balanced now. This is mainly to do with the change in my lifestyle - and deciding to grab life by the horns and create my own happiness. I'm glad you're enjoying my Insta-feed, I do love me a bit of Instagram! xxxx

  7. Wow this is just amazing, I'm so in awe and bloody well done you!! You look absolutely incredible and you can just tell how much happier you are Xx
    Blogging at Boo & Maddie

  8. you have done brilliantly!! wow -I lost two and a half stone last year and I have nearly put it back on already!! I've got to start over again

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