Saturday 25 February 2017

Chalkola Markers Review & Giveaway

This half term Bert and I have had LOADS of fun using the brilliant Chalkola Chalk Markers. We were sent a pack of their 15 chalk markers (plus 6 metallic markers) and a pack of their premium series 15mm Jumbo Tip makers to put through their paces and have some fun with! 

Chalkola Chalk Markers
The Markers are to be used on Non Porous Surfaces only like - Chalkboards, Whiteboards, Glass, Mirrors, LED boards, Plastic, Windows. 

And best of all they wipe away with wet cloth or window cleaner...amazing! 

The markers are child safe, water based, non toxic, low odour, acid free, xylene free, quick dry, long lasting and best of all...they wash off from clothing! Making them a brilliant option for keeping the kids entertained with minimum mess or fuss. Always a win in my book.

These chalk markers have high density Chalk Ink, due to which new markers take 1 to 3 mins prep time (pressing the tip to and fro multiple times to quickly get the ink flowing) once used the ink flows smoothly. We have found them so easy to use, and have genuinely had hours of fun creating bright and bold designs to decorate our windows. 

We used them primarily on the patio doors of our kitchen/diner as they are floor-ceiling windows meaning they're perfectly accessible for Bert - he was able to create and mark make to his hearts content. It was a really great way to get him interested in making marks, as it is something he's never been that fussed by - he even drew a brilliant smiley face...
Bert's smiley face using Chalkola markers
Bert's smiley face! 

Bert's smiley face using Chalkola markers
My little dude showing off his smiley face! 

Bert's smiley face using Chalkola markers
"Look what I've drawn Mummy!"
As well as Bert having fun with the markers, I've been channeling my inner-Artist too and have had a brilliant time decorating the windows around our home with drawings, motivational quotes, and even pictures of Bert's favourite TV characters. 
biscuit quote using chalk pens
My mantra! 

Ninja turtle drawing using chalk markers
Bert's request - he is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fanatic! 
Beauty and the Beast rose using dry erase markers on window
Can you tell I'm excited about the new film release next month? 
Unicorn on window using chalk pens
The uber-trendy Unicorn had to feature, naturally! 

Be Bold typography on window using chalk markers
BE BOLD peeps! 
As well as developing our artistic skills we also used the chalk pens to be a bit silly...we drew beards, moustaches, a monocle and even turned Liam into Harry Potter using the pens. It was a fun way to play dressing up without using masks or costumes.

Connie's chalk marker beard
Connie wasn't keen on playing! Haha! 

Liam as Harry Potter using Chalkola window markers
Daddy Potter! Hehehe! 

funny faces using chalk markers on windows
Daddy with a beard, moustache & monocle! 
I was so pleasantly surprised by how vibrant the chalkboard pens are on glass - the marks they make are as bold as using felt tips or markers on paper - they are so effective and bright. I'm chuffed to have these in my "things to do on a rainy day" ammunition box - and I'm pretty sure I'll while away a few more hours using them for my own pleasure too! 

As promised these dry erase markers all wiped off easily with a slightly damp cloth - we've used them so much my windows have never been so clean! Ha! 

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