Sunday 5 July 2015

In Sweetie Heaven with The Treat Kitchen, Nottingham. *REVIEW* & *GIVEAWAY*

The Bishop Clan have recently been trying out some sweetie delights from The Treat Kitchen, a gorgeous traditional yet modern sweetshop based in Nottingham and run by husband and wife team Martin and Jess Barnett. The shop has the most amazing array of sweets packaged in the most beautiful way, all of which are also available to buy online - hooray! 

Excitingly, The Treat Kitchen also provides a bit of Willy-Wonker-style magic in store with it's very own Fudge Kitchen, where you can see their amazingly luxurious fudge being made on site. 

They kindly sent us a selection of five of their best selling sweets to try at home, and we've been working our way through them (it's a hard life, eh?)

Although I'm not a huge sweet eater, it's nice to have a naughty little treat sometimes (moderation is the key, of course!) but I'm a true believer in "a little of what you fancy does you good", so I dived straight in! 

What a treat - a fabulous selection of sweeties from The Treat Kitchen, Nottingham. 

I don't ordinarily give Bert sweets like this to eat, I have always been concerned about him choking etc but as he's gotten older, and now has a rather lovely full set of gnashers which are perfect for sweet-munching, we let him try a few of the soft strawberry milk bottles and jelly beans and (of course!) he loved them! A rare treat for his little tastebuds, but what's a childhood without sweets, eh?


Out of all the sweets we were sent, these were my favourite! They are SO SOUR you just wouldn't believe it: eating them took me straight back to my childhood days, where we would all try to outdo each other with our sour sweet eating bravery! These sours soon sweeten up, and if you're brave enough to get through the tastebud-detonation of the first few sucks, you'll be left with a sweet strawberry boiled sweet with just a hint of sourness. 

They're really lush - and in very fun packaging too! 




These lovely fruity jelly beans come in the most awesome traditional glass milk bottles, which make them the perfect gift for someone special. I love a gift that has multi-uses, and can think of so many ways you could re-use the packaging once the sweets are finished - I'm thinking milk bottle vase, button storage, pen pot, snack jar...the possibilities are endless!

I've been helping myself to a sneaky handful of these fruity jelly beans every now and again - they provide the perfect sweet hit you crave sometimes, and are truly very scrumptious. 

We tried both the English Blackberry and the Pomegranate flavours - they also sell loads of other interesting flavours such as liquorice, marshmallow, coconut, butterscotch, caramel popcorn and many more! 


These were Liam and Bert's favourite from our selection - I was lucky to even snap a photograph of these babies, as they were gone before you could say "cavities". As retro as you like, these little milk bottles are soft, chewy, and mallowy with a really gorgeous strawberry flavour - tasting just the same as I remember them from my youth! 


Rock for me is one of those things that I like the idea of until I try to bite into a stick of it and nearly break my teeth! The clever people at The Treat Kitchen sell their rock already cut into chunks...genius idea! So, you can pick a piece and suck it to your hearts content without breaking an incisior or chipping a canine. 

Their Nottingham rock is full of fruity apple and raspberry flavour and is striped with the colours of the Nottingham flag (who knew Nottingham had a flag?!)

We are loving having these sweet treats on hand at home and we'll be taking what's left with us on our little seaside holiday next weekend to share with the extended family. 

The Treat Kitchen is the ideal place to shop for sweetie-related gifts, as they seem to take so much pride in their awesome packaging and sourcing the best quality sweets around. 


The lovely people from The Treat Kitchen have kindly given me this awesome sweetie hamper to give away containing:

1 x 400g tutti fruiti sweets milk bottle
1 x 375g fizzy bubblegum bottles milk bottle

Just use the Gleam App below to enter. 

Good Luck! 

WIN A Sweetie Hamper from The Treat Kitchen

If you can't wait to order some sweetie delights from The Treat Kitchen online then make sure you use the code: BANTER10 at the checkout and you'll receive 10% off your first order.

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