Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Rob Ryan and Tatty Devine - I am IN LOVE :-)

So, one of my favourite artists (paper cutter) Rob Ryan has just released an exclusive collection of jewellery in collaboration with the wonderful Tatty Devine, urban Uk-based jewellery designers. The jewellery is exclusively available from Selfridges, and only went on sale yesterday.

I am completely and utterly over-excited about this launch - and can't stop staring at the amazing pieces! I wanted to share my favourite items from the collection with you - what do you think? Are they your taste? Will they make it onto your Christmas list? They are definitely on mine. 

Keep It Safe Locket Earrings Silver £95

A Knot To Help You Remember Ring Silver £95

Dream A Dream Necklace Silver £225

Every Beat Of My Heart Necklace Silver £575

Crown of Hearts Ring Silver £125

My absolute favourites are the 'Dream A Dream' necklace, and 'A Knot To Help You Remember' ring, although it is almost impossible to choose as it is all so lovely! 

To see the whole collection head over to Tatty Devine's Pinterest board here

For those of your who aren't familiar with the work of Rob Ryan here are some of my very favourite pieces by this amazing man. All of his work is produced by hand using the ancient art form of paper cutting...

And here are the Rob Ryan pieces I am already lucky enough to own...

Rob Ryan change purse

Believe In People mug

Bells plate collection 

Couples Mugs 

Bells vase

Bells notebook 

I just adore his work and am always amazed at how intricate his work is - I am *excited squeal* going to be attending a lecture by Rob Ryan at the V&A museum in a few weeks entitled "You Can Still Do A Lot With A Small Brain", where Rob will talk all about his life and career up to this point. I am stupidly excited about it! 

Some other Rob Ryan lovelies on my 'wish list'....

Gorgeous 'Look Closer' silk scarf £85 from NV London Calcutta

Stunning Rob Ryan tiles £26 each - these would be amazing randomly scattered among the white tiles in my bathroom! 

I Walked And I Thought tape £10.50

I could look at his work all night long, but it's late and before I know it i'll be getting my early morning Bert-shaped wake up call :-) 

I hope you gorgeous lot have enjoyed Rob's loveliness as much as me...I'm off to bed to dream of that gorgeous jewellery. 


Mrs B



  1. When I saw this last week on your blog I also feel in love with his work and particularly admired the his and hers mugs as I was getting married on Friday. Having never heard of his work I have just been opening some gifts following our wonderful wedding and have received this exact set, I was so excited and now think I am going to have to add to this with more of his wonderful work.

  2. Hi Sarah! Thank you for the lovely comment, and for reading my little blog - be sure to follow me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram if you have it :-)
    I'm so glad you've discovered a love for Rob Ryan through my post - he's just amazing isn't he? The couples mug set is ADORABLE - we got it as a wedding gift too - such a perfect thoughtful gift, so glad you've got them too!