Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Rose Gold Love!

It is definitely a recent trend and I am totally smitten with it. From gorgeous watches and jewellery to amazing Gatsby-style dresses, I love it all. 

With thanks to Pinterest (I can spend HOURS on Pinterest without getting remotely bored!) I have put together a collection of my favourite rose-gold items....stunning! 

This is total rose gold porn. :-)

And here are some gorgeous rose gold jewellery pieces by my favourite jewellery designer Alyssa Smith...

Do you love rose-gold? Will you have any rose-gold items on your Christmas wish list?

Here are two that are on mine...

This gorgeous scarf from Next....

£12.50 Next

And this stunning watch from Anthropologie...

£78 from Anthropologie

Pretty please Father Christmas, I've been very good this year! 


Mrs B

To see more rose gold items, or find out more information on the images above then visit my ROSE GOLD LOVE page on Pinterest. Please remember to follow me. 

Thanks lovelies. x


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