Monday 6 October 2014

Disney's Post & Roll Honey Pot from TOMY *REVIEW*

Bert and I love working alongside fab children & baby's retailer TOMY to review toys for them on a regular basis. Recently they sent us their Post & Roll Hunny Pot from the Disney/Winnie the Pooh range of toys available on their website. 
Post & Roll Hunny Pot, by TOMY

The toy consists of a large honey pot, and three rattle balls, which when placed into the top of the honey pot, whizz down inside the honey pot on a spiral chute, and then shoot out of the bottom of the honey pot from one of the three holes at the bottom. It is suitable for children from 9 months, and costs £19.99.

Bert was really interested in this toy as soon as it was unwrapped. The honey pot itself is quite big and inviting, it's all kitted out in bright colours, with the famous Winnie the Pooh motif - he spotted this new treasure in amongst his toys instantly, and got to work figuring it out straight away. The holes at the bottom of the honey pot can be closed for storing the balls without them falling out every time, and then a slider at the bottom, opens them up ready for play. Bert understood after a few demonstrations from me what he was meant to do, and began enjoying popping the balls into the pot and watching them spin down inside. 

Bert is still at that quite impatient one year old stage, where he wants instant gratification from his toys, so the honey pot can sometimes frustrate him (depending on how patient he's feeling) as the balls do take a little while to spin down the pot and come out of the bottom, but I'm sure as he matures he'll be more able to cope with waiting a little longer for the end result. 

He seems to really enjoy the element of surprise with this toy - the not knowing which hole the balls will come out of, therefore not knowing which direction you are going to need to chase the ball, makes him giggle in anticipation, and sometimes race off in the wrong direction before the ball has even broken free! It makes very funny viewing. 

The rattle balls were also a big hit on their own - he can regularly be found wandering around with a ball in each hand, using them as maracas or playing with them with the cat - he chucks them over the baby gate onto the hard stone kitchen floor, and the cat swipes them all around the kitchen with glee while the baby giggles like mad - it's a very cute sight!

At 13 months Bert is getting much enjoyment from this toy, and I'm pretty sure he'll be enjoying it for a while yet before he gets bored. So, longevity-wise this toy is pretty good as it is suitable from 9 months +. Its simple design and easy to post balls make it a perfect starter toy for any little one. 

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Disclaimer: We were sent the Post and Roll Hunny Pot from Tomy for the purpose of this review. All words, images and opinions are my own. 

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