Thursday 24 December 2015

What's in Bert's Christmas Stocking? (2015)

This year I thought it would be fun to share with you the contents of Bert's Christmas stocking - this is the first year I've really done him a proper stocking full of gifts, we did separate bigger presents last year, as I found stocking fillers for a one year old a bit tricky. 

This year however, as I mooched around the shops, and browsed online I found lots of lovely little things that I knew Bert would love and I'm really pleased with the contents I've put together - I can't wait to see his little face tomorrow morning when he rifles through it all. 

I thought I'd write a list of the contents and then share some pictures with you as well, I hope this might inspire some of your stocking contents next Christmas - Bert is 2 years and 4 months exactly, and I confidently know that he'll love the things we've chosen for him. 

-3 DVDs (Jungle Book, Brother Bear 2, Wreck it Ralph)
-a pot of yellow play dough
-3 giant pavement chalks
-a toy cow figure
-a wibbly frog toy
-Wooly & Tig 'Feelings' picture playing card set
-a DK 'First Facts - Dinosaurs' book 
-a set of knights and horses
-a set of Cloud Babies mini puzzle books
-a pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles boxer shorts
-a Spiderman pants and vest set
-a set of 5 dinosaur pants
-a Father Christmas and Reindeer itty-bitty cuddly toy
-a set of glow in the dark mini dinosaur figures

I'm pretty chuffed with his stocking fillers this year - hopefully we'll have a very happy two year old on our hands this Christmas morning!

I do love all things nautical - I'm pretty fond of a Breton stripe or two, so this gorgeous little nautical Freya Rabbit is a real favourite of mine, I know Bert will just love her too! Thanks to Sylvanian for sending her to us in time for Christmas. 

We are always excited to add a new family to our Sylvanian collection, and we thought this family of Polar Bears was perfect for the festive season! 

All ready for Bert to have a rummage! Exciting...

I feel pleased that I've managed to include a good combination of different things in this years stocking: from practical items such as pants for the coming months of potty training fun, to activities for a rainy day such a Play Dough and playing cards, adding some great new titles to his ever-growing DVD collection, some brilliant little figures (his favourite type of toy), a lovely book I know he'll love along with a few festive items too. I'll throw in a bag of chocolate coins, and a tangerine at the last minute (both Christmas stocking traditions on my family) and 'Bob's your uncle' one complete Christmas stocking for my cheeky little toddler. 

I want to add that not all of the contents of this years stocking are brand new - Christmas stockings really don't need to be expensive, you can pick great little items up from charity shops, markets, car boot sales etc over the course of the year, and a couple of items were kindly gifted to us by friends who had been given duplicates of various bits and bobs. The cuddly festive Santa and reindeer toys were prizes that my hubby won in a blog giveaway - entering regular competitions is a great way to accrue presents and stocking fillers over the course of the year. I'll probably even start having a peek in the January sales for any little items that might be good in his stocking for next year - I do love a bargain. 

I'd love to know what you've popped in your kids stockings this year, do let me know!

Merry Christmas to you all - I hope you've enjoyed a super-festive Christmas Eve and are all organised and ready for the big day tomorrow! 

We're spending today with Liam's side of the family, and then heading off to visit my side over the rest of Christmas, tonight I plan to enjoy a warm mince pie, maybe a naughty small glass of red wine and put my feet up!

My work here is done. 

Mrs B

Thanks to Sylvanian Families for sending us the new Polar Bear family, and the special edition Freya Chocolate to include in Bert's stocking this year.