Wednesday 4 May 2016

5 Fabulous Flats for Busy Mums

As a mum to one little boy (and baby girl on the way!) and being a non-driver, stylish flats are a must in my wardrobe as I pretty much walk everywhere. I find that they tend to look great with everything—from skinny jeans to skirts to dresses and more—making this shoe as versatile as it is comfy. 

Fortunately, flats aren’t the boring shoes reserved for Great Nan’s Saturday afternoon bingo slot anymore. Today, the modern flat can be trendy, elegant, and even sexy, which is why I thought I'd take a look at five of my favourites with a few tips on how to wear this fashionable footwear. 

buttercup yellow sandal

Buttercup yellow is trending this year, but it’s always a winner in my book - yellow has been my absolutely favourite colour for as long as I can remember. It's such a happy colour, which is why I especially adore these vibrant yellow sandals. They’ll be perfect for warm-weather wearing while spending time with my family, plus they’ll look great with a variety of outfits. These would go very well with maxi dresses, shorts, and jeans in neutral colours like black, white, and brown, but you can also mix it up by pairing them with something bolder such as fuchsia, violet, or green. I do love me a bit of colour! 

stripe pointy toe flat shoe

A bold Breton stripe is one of my favorite fashion patterns and a great pair of ballet flats with the same contrasting lines is a great choice for the busy mum. And the pair pictured above isn’t your typical rounded shoe. Nope, these are in line with the pointed toe trend that's everywhere right now, which means they’re practical and of-the-moment. Wear these navy and white beauties with your favourite jeans and a t-shirt—feel free to add a splash of colour, like red—or to the office with trousers and a blazer. I'm not ashamed to say that my Breton-stripe obsession is a little out of hand - I probably own over 30 Breton-striped items of clothing/bags/accessories now...and there is always room for more in my book! Ha! 

floral embellished flip flop sandal

Another fashion trend that I have enjoyed since the dawn of Cath Kidston herself is a good floral print. These sandals, however, feature the real deal... well, almost! These botanical embellished flip flop sandals are perfect for the warm weather that's on its way and would be a great pair to wear while running errands or during a daytime outing, like a picnic or going to the cinema. Pair these beauties with a bold-coloured top or bottom, or go all neutral with black and white with a colourful statement necklace and purse to tie it together. They'd also look fab with a bright maxi dress for all those summer BBQs - Pimms in hand, these shoes would fit suitably into any summer soiree. 
black and tan gladiator sandal

What busy mum wouldn’t enjoy a multitasking shoe? Well, I’ve got the perfect pair of gladiator style sandals for you. With both brown and black straps, this set will look great with a variety of different outfits and are perfect for slipping on as you head out the door with kiddies in tow. Fortunately, these follow the big gladiator shoe trend without having the hassle of all of those straps wrapping around your leg (who can be faffed with that?)

pink embellished slip on Van-style sneakers

Fancy trainers/sports shoes are all the rage. I am loving these pink embellished slip-on Van-style trainers that are full of girlie bling without being too over the top. These would be perfect for most outings with your little ones, especially for trips to the playground, and would look great with jeans, shorts, and even some casual dresses (think Lily Allen!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my top five picks for fashionable and functional flats for busy mums. Keep in mind that accessories and handbags, coupled with great shoes, can really elevate an everyday outfit with ease. The five shoe types mentioned above will get any busy mum easily through the Spring/Summer months, and each style will be all over the high street - so nice and easy to get hold of!  

With a few good pairs of shoes and some imagination, you can easily look put together without a lot of effort. 

...Just remember to check your hair for rogue Cheerios and down your back for baby-sick before you leave the house (we've all been there!) 

Happy shoe shopping lovelies! 

Mrs B