Wednesday 24 May 2017

An Anniversary To Remember

If you have a big anniversary coming up, you’ll want to make it special. This will definitely be one neither of you will forget! After so many years together your partnership has undoubtedly seen many changes. Your lives now may even be unrecognisable to the two young people that got together so long ago. Perhaps this is a great time to take a walk down memory lane? Going back over some of the highlights of your time together can be a lot of fun. But there are other, more important reasons for reviewing the past.
Why It’s Important To Thank Him
Some of the moments you remember best are the ones that defined you and your partnership. They may have been events that changed your lives forever, like the day your first child was born, or when you finally got the keys to your family home. As independent as you are, these things couldn’t have happened to you without him. He has supported you, nurtured you, and made sacrifices for you. Today is a great opportunity to thank him. Now all you need are some personalised thank you gifts to mark this special occasion.

Do you have lots of old photos spanning your entire relationship? Why not collate them in an album, or on a poster? You could put a short thank you message beneath each one detailing why that moment was so important to you. Of course, the whole project could be enjoyed together as a great way to reminisce about your years as a couple. Alternatively, why not let your children get involved? We all love to hear the stories about our parents when they were younger.
Planning Ahead, Booking Time Off

Of course, your big anniversary event needs to go much further than few photos and a present! You might choose to book a day off work to spend with your partner. You might even take the whole week and enjoy a couple’s holiday somewhere exotic! It will all depend on your budget. A big holiday can also be much trickier to plan as a surprise. You’ll need to notify your partner’s workplace, find childcare you can trust, and make sure all the passports are up to date.

Still, a romantic getaway can be a nice thing to do but if your budget doesn’t allow for travel, don’t panic! You can still take a day and spend it at home. A romantic day and night while the kids are at school or staying with grandparents can often be an ideal way to celebrate a big anniversary.
Breakfast Time

Start with breakfast. As soon as your partner wakes up, it’s time to start celebrating! You might prepare a wonderful breakfast in bed. Of course, older children might be keen to offer a little help here as part of their gift to you both for your anniversary. A good quality tray and few extra cloths to mop up spills are all you need to enjoy breakfast served in bed.
Something special like scrambled eggs with salmon can be a lovely surprise for your big day. Freshly squeezed orange juice served in champagne flutes might make for an elegant touch. Time to dust off the expensive coffee machine and enjoy a home brew with a slice of marmalade toast. Yummy.
Gifts And Cards

Breakfast time is also the best time to hand over gifts and cards. You may have received quite a few in the post, especially if lots of people were invited to your wedding all those years ago. Children love to make cards. They may be quite excited to present their one to you first. Giant cards are lots of fun to tackle too.

Gifts for each other may be quite small if you’re planning a big event like a party of romantic evening out. You might both offer each other small token gifts right now, but each have something big and grand up your sleeve to present later on. You might choose something you can customise or personalise to mark the occasion.
Slow Start

The rest of the morning might be a slow burner, especially if you’ve managed to get the day off work. That doesn’t mean it’s time wasted. You might both head out for a romantic walk in the park, hand in hand. Maybe you’ll even enjoy a shower or bath together! There’s no rush because your anniversary will last all day. Take your time, and enjoy a slower pace together this morning.

By lunchtime, you might be ravenous for something sweet and yummy. If you’re staying home, why not prepare some delicious pastries, muffins, or cakes as part of an afternoon tea style lunch? It will look amazing on a tiered display plate. Buy some special sandwich fillers to mark your big occasion, and treat yourself to those little luxuries you don’t have everyday.
Afternoon Activities

The afternoon is all yours if the kids are with a minder or at school. Now’s the time to ramp things up a bit. Today is the perfect day to try something you’ve never done before. What did you both fancy doing when you were a young couple, but you’ve never got around to? That is the very activity you should be doing today!

It might be a huge experience type of activity, or it might be something simple like skimming pebbles on an old pond. It doesn’t matter, so long as you’re doing it together. Fly a plane, have a cookery lesson, or simply swim in the lake. Make it as adventurous as you dare. It should be fun and freeing, and hark back to a simpler time when you were both younger.
What about the skate park? Got an old bike, a pair of roller blades, or a scooter? Having fun can sometimes be a bit silly (in a good way) too. This is your anniversary. What kind of things did you used to do when you first met? Maybe you liked dancing, or making music? Take yourselves back to the beginning and relive those first few dates.

If you’re in the mood for a little privacy, why not prepare a romantic dinner for two at home? You’ll need plenty of candles and some beautifully scented red roses to set the scene. Pull out your very best dinner ware, crystal glasses, and the recipe book that’s too good for Wednesdays. Got the list of ingredients? It’s time to go shopping.

To get the very best and very freshest ingredients, you might consider heading to the farmer’s market. Fresh foods taste much better and will bring out the best of any recipe. If you’re after fish, head to the fish monger. Some supermarkets specialise in fresh produce. If you have a good one near you, this could be a convenient alternative. Always buy your herbs fresh too.
You don’t have to do all the work. Cooking together can be incredibly romantic, and a wonderful way to share the chores. And no, you don’t have to clean it all up tonight. Perhaps the kids will offer to do it! (Ha!) If not, tackle it in the morning, and make this evening about romance and fun. Pour a glass of your favourite drink, and relax into a delicious and indulgent meal.
If you are going out tonight, order a taxi each way so you can both enjoy the very best that the restaurant has to offer. And yes, definitely order dessert! Make the most of having everything done for you. Enjoy the ambiance, and make the most of an evening for just the two of you.
Romantic Evening Choices

Once dinner is over, you don’t have to rush anywhere. Of course, the evening will still be young (assuming you have nothing to get up for in the morning.) Head to the theatre and catch a show. What about the comedy club? Maybe you have tickets for a big movie premier or a gig of your choosing? Whatever it is, choose something you’ll both love equally. No need for special favours when this evening is about both of you together.

Don’t worry if the budget isn’t there for big tickets to events. You can still have plenty of fun together without a big price tag. A romantic walk along the river path, or even sitting to watch the sun set with a hot cup of cocoa can be a sweet thing to do together. If you’re having a big party with all your friends and family to celebrate the day, why not propose a toast to each other? You could even recreate your First Dance from the wedding!

Anniversaries don’t have to be big, grand and expensive events, but they should be super romantic! You can be romantic without a lot of cost, so don’t waste your money needlessly. Instead, consider all the little things that have made the big differences in your life. Thank your partner, renew your vows and share the memories that form the highlights of your relationship so far.

Are you celebrating an anniversary soon?

Mrs B


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