Thursday 23 November 2017

Kids Songs CD, Rastamouse App & CBeebies bundle giveaway!

Kids Songs Triple CD from demon music group
My kids are obsessed with CBeebies: we've always watched it above all other children's channels, and so we are more than au fait with characters such as Mr Tumble, Chris and Pui, Hey Duggee etc. 

Another thing my kids adore is music, especially music they can recognise and join in with such as themes from their beloved CBeebies programmes. We have an old double disc CBeebies CD that we have to listen to in the car on EVERY. SINGLE. JOURNEY. (*Insert manic smile face here*) So when I found out that a brand new CD full of original recordings of children’s favourite TV themes and songs had been released, I was thrilled! Finally something slightly different to listen to in the car. 

The album features some of the biggest names on children's TV as well as theme tunes from popular CBeebies Programmes such as Go Jetters, Hey Duggee, Waybaloo, Tee and Mo, Everything’s Rosie and many more...

Available to buy on Amazon or download on Itunes at

The album will have a RRP of £5-6

We were lucky enough to be sent a promotional copy of the CD on it's release date along with a cute bundle of CBeebies goodies to enjoy, and it's not even Christmas yet! 

We've been listening to the triple CD non-stop over the past week and the kids have been loving it (I'm not going to lie, the adults not so much - but at least it's DIFFERENT) hehe. We've had in-house disco sessions, car raves and all sorts along to the tunes on Kids Songs - even 18 month old Connie has been busting some super moves! 

It really is the ultimate soundtrack for kiddies and a must have stocking filler for all CBeebies loving families!

Kids Songs CD
Kids Songs CD

As well as busting moves to the sounds of CBeebies, Bert had the chance to explore a brand new app on his tablet thanks to a free-download code we were kindly given. The app is called 'Rastamouse: Da Missing Riddim' and is a fun but educational activity application for smart phones and tablets. 

Rastamouse: Da Missing Riddim app

Drawing inspiration from the stories of Michael De Souza and Genevieve Webster and incorporating the uplifting music of Andrew Kingslow; the Rocksteady Reggae School music project provides a thoroughly cross-curricular experience to excite and engage young minds with this new app. 

Featuring the voices of the incredible Rastamouse cast, 'Rastamouse: Da Missing Riddim' is a fun and educational experience that brings the magic of Rastamouse to your home in a cool new way!

For those of you who haven't heard of it, Rastamouse is an award-winning British preschool television that has a positive message for young children, promoting the need to understand right from wrong in a meaningful context. Through understanding and love, Rastamouse will always “make a bad ting good!”. 

The app includes:

“Bust a move”

Dance with Da Easy Crew on the Mousetival stage. Keep up with the riddim and earn your highest score!

“Ride da Riddim”

Skate through Mouseland with Da Easy Crew. Play each band member’s instrument to find that missing riddim; unlock a wicked tune that Da Easy Crew can skate and jam together on!

“Spin da Riddim”

Spin those crucial sounds of Da Easy Crew you unlocked, and mix them on Scratchy’s boombastic DJ decks!

Bert's been loving it - I heard him chuckling away to himself when he was playing it yesterday, and actually he isn't usually that fussed by the TV show itself, favouring others in its place - but he seems to really enjoy the activities on the app and from what I've seen of it, it seems very educational.

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As if that wasn't enough, along with the CD and app code, Bert and Connie were very kindly gifted a cute bundle of CBeebies goodies to enjoy and I'm pleased to say I've also got another bundle to giveaway...


CBeebies Bundle giveaway

If your little one is also CBeebies mad and would love a chance to get hold of an amazing bundle of CBeebies goodies in time for Christmas, then please enter the giveaway below. 

One winner will be chosen at random to win:
  • Kids Songs CD
  • free-download code for the Rastamouse app
  • Everything's Rosie puzzle and purse
  • 2018 Clangers Calendar 
Good luck lovely people!

Mrs B x

*We were sent a copy of the cd, free-download code for the app and the bundle of CBeebies goodies in return for this honest post*

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