Sunday 10 December 2017

Gifts for Pokémon Loving Children This Christmas *Gift Guide*

Pokémon gift guide 2017

Our 4.5 year old son Bert has just discovered Pokémon - since starting full time school in September his taste in tv, films and toys has really matured. He's gone from still loving Peppa Pig and Bing Bunny to watching Horrid Henry and Pokémon in what seems like a matter of weeks. Where has my little boy gone? 

This Christmas, we were kindly sent a selection on the brand new to the market Pokémon merchandise for Bert - I'm so excited to see his face on Christmas morning when he opens all of this... 

Pokemon gift guide age 4-6
Pokemon Gift Guide for little ones this xmas.

I'm not usually a massive fan of heavily branded merchandise, especially for children, tending to prefer simple block colours, stripes (of course!) and more subtle designs. But I have to admit that I've been pleasantly surprised with the pyjamas and beanie hat that arrived from the new Pokémon ranges - the pyjamas, available from Next from £14 are lovely quality and beautifully designed. Bert will look super cute in them! We've also bought him his own dressing gown and slippers this Christmas, so it will be super cute to see him all wrapped up and snuggly!

The beanie hat is again, staggering quality and I am just totally in love with the beautiful shade of blue - the pictures don't even do it justice, it is so pretty. I love that the emblem is small, and the knit is so lovely and chunky, making it the perfect hat for winter (I'm in a house surrounded by 5" of snow as I write this!!). 

Pokemon gift guide age 4-6
Pokemon Battle Action Figures Pichu vs Komala

As well as the pyjamas and hat, Bert was also sent some lovely Pokémon toys from TOMY including a Popplio plush toy (SRP £9.99) and a lovely set of Pokémon Battle Action Figures (Pichu vs Komala) SRP £5.99 - these 3" figures with four points of articulation make it easy to create action poses that capture the emotion of battle. Perfect for our little 4 year old who adores imaginative play with little figures - these will be his favourite of all the items, I'm sure of it. 

Pokemon gift guide age 4-6
Pokémon Popplio Plush Toy from TOMY

Pokemon gift guide age 4-6
Pokémon Beanie Hat

Finally, we were sent a brilliant Pokémon Trading Card Game - these theme decks are 60-card pre-constructed decks and are designed to introduce players to the Pokémon Trading Card Game by enabling them to play right away. We think the cards are slightly above Bert's level at the moment (he's only 4 years old and only just beginning to read) plus they have a recommended age of 6+. So instead we will be gifting these to Bert's little cousin who is a year older than him is also into Pokémon (name a 4-10 year old who isn't??) this will be a little extra gift for him from us this Christmas. 

Pokemon gift guide age 4-6
Pokémon Trading Game

Pokemon gift guide age 4-6
Pokémon Loot!!!

Do you know a Pokémon mad little one who would love to find these under the tree this Christmas? 

I cannot wait to see Bert's little face when he opens this lovely lot on Christmas morning, he's going to be a happy boy, that's for sure. 

I hope you're not all too stressed in the run up to Christmas. I'm trying to be super organised this year - all my gifts have been bought (we buy for 49 people at Christmas!!), I've written 80+ Christmas cards with just a few more left to write and send, and now I need to begin the mammoth wrap-a-thon!  

Mrs B


Pokémon gift guide 2017
We were sent this selection of Pokémon merchandise in return for this post. All opinions are my own.