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What was in our February 2018 Degustabox?

Degustabox UK

Oh my goodness, this is by far the best Degustabox we've had, and we've had a fair few good'uns. I loved pretty much every item included in the Feb box, and I'm excited to share them with you! 

Degustabox February 2018 contents

Dr Karg's Organic Emmental Cheese & Pumpkin Seed Crispbread


FROM THE BRAND: Our organic delight with wholegrain natural fibre and no additives. A crispy and crunchy combination   of an extra big helping of pumpkin seeds with aromatic, nutty Emmental cheese. Find us in Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsburys, Wholefoods Markets and Planet Organic, or your local independent deli, farm shop or health food store. 

WHAT WE THOUGHT: I LOVED these crackers, they are so substantial and actually full of strong flavour unlike other crackers. Great on their own or with a topping. I also dunked one into soup, which was really tasty. I'd definitely buy these again if I saw them while shopping. 

KITKAT Chunky New York Cheesecake


FROM THE BRAND: An indulgent layer of creamy New York Cheesecake combined with a crispy wafer and thick milk chocolate. 

WHAT WE THOUGHT: I didn't get a look in with this one, KITKAT Chunky is one of my husband Liam's favourite chocolate bars, incidentally he had already tried this variety when it came out, so he already knew that he loved it. It made a perfect evening treat for him with a cup of coffee. A big thumbs up from him. His main feedback was "I wish it was bigger". 

Indie Bay Snacks Pretzel Bites: Sunflower Superseeds


FROM THE BRAND: A bit like pretzels, but better! Indie Bay Snacks have reinvented the classics with ingredients such as spelt and quinoa, so they're crunchier, tastier and better for you. These baked little bites are a delicious source of fibre and protein, and contain fewer than 100 calories per portion. 

WHAT WE THOUGHT: Oh my goodness, you know when you discover a brand-new to you snack and you just can't stop eating it? That's me with these - I had to be really restrained and measure out each portion, otherwise I'd have happily polished off the whole bag. Liam loved these too - we're both big pretzel fans, and they taste extremely pretzel-y. It is also nice to know they're healthier and lower in calories too. 

Pretzel Bites from Indie Bay Snacks
Delicious Pretzel Bites from Indie Bay Snacks

Primrose's Kitchen Raw Beetroot and Ginger Muesli 


FROM THE BRAND: A vital and delicious combination of fresh English beetroot, zingy ginger, British gluten free oats and a virgin coconut oil. Balanced with a combination of nuts, seeds and extra love in the form of psyllium husk and chia. Our muesli is handmade and slowly dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve nutrients and flavour. 

WHAT WE THOUGHT: I devoured this whole box in a week and a half. Hands down the nicest actually healthy muesli I've ever eaten. I loved the super strong and zingy ginger flavour, it was so punchy and the background sweetness and earthiness of the beetroot, very usual but a delicious combination. It had great texture too. I loved how pink in turned the milk or yoghurt when I ate it too! (I'm such a child!). Liam really dislikes beetroot, which meant I got to scoff the whole lot - hurrah! 

Primrose's Kitchen breakfast
Yummy breakfast thanks to Primrose's Kitchen!! 

The Protein Ball Co. Cherry & Almond

2 x £1.99

FROM THE BRAND: A sweet handful of raw pitted dates, free-range egg white protein, juicy sultanas and sour cherries. If you like Cherry Bakewell and want high protein - then these protein balls really are the cherry on top of the cake! 

WHAT WE THOUGHT: No one else in the family got a look in with these, actually I tell a lie, I let Liam try one or two, but they were mostly mine!! I love protein balls and use them a lot as a healthy pre or post workout snack. I find them very filling and I'm always interested in trying new flavours. This one really hit the spot as I'm a huge Cherry Bakewell fan! Yummy! I also loved how convenient the little packs were, perfect for throwing in your handbag or gym bag. 

HARIBO Fruitilicious 

2 x £1.29

FROM THE BRAND: Fruitilicious is an exciting addition to HARIBO's range. Bursting with fruit flavour, this treat contains 30% less sugar than regular fruit gum sweets and offers the same great taste loved and expected from HARIBO. Fruitilicious features fruit shaped, smiley faces pieces in strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, orange, apple and lemon flavours. 

WHAT WE THOUGHT: As expected, none of the adults in the house got even close to these sweets - they've gone straight into Bert's sweetie jar and he is throughly enjoying them. He is allowed 6-8 sweets at a time, depending on how generous I'm feeling, haha! And it is  reassuring to know they have 30% less sugar, he hasn't noticed at all, so I feel like that's a little mini parenting win. 

Emily Crisps: Pineapple


FROM THE BRAND: It's time to seriously up your crunch game with Emily Crisps, the range of premium fruit and vegetable crisps made from only the finest and freshest produce, and now available across the whole of the UK!

WHAT WE THOUGHT: I LOVE this brand, I first discovered them through Degustabox when they sent their bananas crisps as part of a box in 2017, I loved them so much that I bought a whole box direct from the website, before they were stocked in supermarkets. This was my first time of trying the pineapple ones, and they were really scrumptious. My favourite thing about these crisps is that they are actually crispy - most preserved or dried fruit is chewy/gummy and sticky, these are perfectly crunchy and a really satisfying snack. I regularly buy them when I see them in the shops, they're perfect for lunch boxes too! 

True Nopal Cactus Water


FROM THE BRAND: Ever tried cactus water? If not, well now's your chance! Don't just survive, thrive this winter with true nopal cactus water. Inspired by the desert and made from the prickly pear which grows on the Nopal cactus. True nopal cactus water provides 100% natural hydration, with no added sugar. Not to mention it also has half the calories of coconut water. True nopal has a clean, crisp, refreshing and light taste, with berry undertones. An ideal alternative to water and sugary drinks. It contains no sweeteners, preservatives, sodium, fat and is even suitable for vegans and is gluten free. What's not to like?

WHAT WE THOUGHT: Honestly, I'm always pretty sceptical about these 'health' drinks - and usually find they are either a) not as healthy as you think or b) have very little flavour. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this drink. I really enjoyed it, and at 9 calories per glass, it really isn't unhealthy at all. I drink mostly water, coffee and tea - and this cactus water became a lovely alternative for a glass of water when I fancied something different - I particularly enjoyed a glass with my meals. I loved the subtle fruitiness, and found it very refreshing. I'd definitely buy this again - especially in the summer! 

Tootsie Roll Midgees


FROM THE BRAND: Authentic American candy, Tootsie Roll chews, have been making the world sweeter since 1896! Enjoy this share bag of Tootsie Roll Midgees with all the family and get transported to the US, with a retro-style treat!

WHAT WE THOUGHT: I tried one of these and really didn't enjoy them. They have a very synthetic chocolatey flavour which I found underwhelming, and they are so super chewy and got stuck in my teeth. That being said, I am not a sweetie person, so it's no surprise I didn't enjoy them. They were too hard and chewy for me to give to Bert, he's only 4.5 and I still worry all the time about him choking, so instead we sent them into work with Liam, and his office buddies enjoyed them. 

Degustabox Contents - February 2018
^^ Degustabox February 2018 Contents ^^

As usual I've picked my 3 top picks from this months box, it was actually so hard to choose, and I could easily have included most of them! 

Degustabox: Mrs B's Top Picks February 2018

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Enjoy you lovely lot...

Mrs B


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