Saturday 8 June 2013

BedYarn - Yarn Bombing fun in Bedford

Today I took part in an awesome Yarn Bombing art project in Bedford.

For those who haven't heard of yarn bombing here's a definition...

"Yarn bombingyarnbombingyarnstormingguerrilla knittingurban knitting or graffiti knitting is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre rather than paint or chalk." (Wikipedia)

The project (BedYarn) was the brainchild of my lovely friend Liz from Little Red Welly blog, she was commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts to arrange the yarn bombing event, which involved teaching knitting classes, buying/providing yarn and organising today's event. I jumped straight on board, as, like Liz, I'm an enthusiastic knitter, and lover of anything a little whimsy! 

The plan was to meet at 3pm today outside The Swan Hotel in Bedford on the Embankment, and then choose a part of the Embankment to decorate with our knitted pieces. We had no idea how many people would turn up and join in, or how much knitting/crochet we'd have to play with. 

Before the event - Liz and I take a look at what we'd produced ready for the yarn bomb

Lovely Liz! All ready to go...


My red knitted ribbon bow! Love this! 

My green scarf! wrapped around a lamppost :-)

One of my green pompoms on a bench 

my green and yellow pompoms brightening up a parking sign! 

Here are some of the other pieces...these are my personal favourites! 

pink pom poms in the trees

Brave Matt climbing the trees to hang some of the gorgeous yarn art! 

Parents and children joined in - what a beautiful bench! 

love the hat/tea cosy! fab! 

gorgeous crochet hangers

soo fun

multicoloured knitting round the tree

gorgeous knitted roses

what a lamppost! 

hehe cute! 

what fun, hanging yarn rings

hanging plait and ring

knitted bunting - awesome!

love this - the kids ran round and round the tree trunk with a big ball of yarn - so cute! 

What great fun!

We had a great turn out with well over 30 people taking part - there were lots of great encouraging comments from passer-bys, and we hope that most of Bedford will appreciate the fun, whimsy and bright splash we've added temporarily to the Embankment without causing any permanent damage.

If you're a local please pop down and have a peek before it gets removed. 

Have you ever taken part in a large community art project? 

Do you fancy yarn bombing an area where you live? 

Why not pop a tea cosy on a bollard, or wrap a scarf around a tree - its quite liberating, and will get passers-by talking! 

 Mrs B