Tuesday 17 February 2015

A Little Bit of Sparkle with Clear Skyes *REVIEW*

Recently, I discovered the lovely Clear Skyes over on Facebook, an independent craft business by a lovely lady called Sammi, who produces beautiful hand decorated, engraved and sparkly glassware to order. 

I'm a big lover of sparkle - I've always been drawn to anything that shimmers and glitters - especially anything in rose gold, which is my absolute favourite (See my Rose Gold Love post)...so I was very eager to add some gorgeous sparkly beauty from Clear Skyes into my home. 

I'm not a huge fan of very bright colours: my preferred palette is muted colours, pastels and vintage greens/greys/minks/creams, so I asked Sammi if instead of the very bright glitters, could I have a rose gold/copper effect glitter on my products instead - and to my delight (I might have squealed a little bit) I could! :-)

Clear Skyes offers an exciting range of glassware from wine glasses, pint glasses, clip top Kilner storage jars, glass milk bottles, lanterns, vases and glass frames. It was hard to choose which items I wanted for my home...but as soon as I saw the beautiful collection of six vintage-style milk bottles in their little white wicker basket, I knew I needed some in my life! Especially customised in my favourite shade of SPARKLE!! 

When they arrived, I totally fell in love, and couldn't wait to add my favourite ribbon, some gorgeous paper straws and display them in my vintage dresser. 

I'll let the photos speak for themselves...prepare yourself for ultimate sparkle heaven...

Six gorgeous rose gold/copper glitter milk bottles, in wicker basket from Clear Skyes

Soo pretty :-) 

A gorgeous addition to my dresser! 

Everybody needs a bit of sparkle...! 

I can't resist another pretty for my dresser! 

Sammi charges £30 for a full set of six milk bottles in the wicker storage basket, and she can decorate in a range of coloured glitters. For basically £5 per bottle plus the wicker basket I think this is a very reasonable price, especially considering that they have been hand decorated in a colour of my choosing. The milk bottles can be washed out with warm water, and the glitter can be wiped gently with a damp cloth to keep them clean. They would be a beautiful addition to a vintage style tea party, or children's birthday party, and simply look wonderful as just a display item. 

For my second item, I chose a clip top storage jar, and asked if Sammi could work on a chevron pattern design - chevrons are such a cool design, and I'm seeing them everywhere at the moment. I wanted the jar to use as general storage for my kitchen/dining room - I always have tons of dried foods (nuts/pasta etc) that I like to store in a pretty way (I hate having loads of random half used bags of food lying around) so this was the perfect answer to my storage needs. 

Sammi did a fab job, and must have painstakingly hand-engraved a very fiddly chevron pattern for me (thanks sweetie!) - I've filled it with my massive stash of almonds for making my homemade almond butter, and it looks so cool! 

My extra large chevron jar! 

Pretty storage for all my dried foods - almonds for my homemade almond butter!

Sammi charges £20 for the extra large clip top jar once it has been decorated with your chosen design - which is a great price, considering how much you pay for the jars on their own, and taking into account how long it must take to do such detailed designs. 

I absolutely love my items, and will treasure them forever - they fit perfectly into my house, and are a great addition to my vintage/shabby/chic decor. 

I'm now thinking about the next things I could order....perhaps a rose gold/copper glitter wine glass for my sneaky treat glasses of red wine? I think I need one in my life! 

If you're looking for something sparkly, beautiful, and unique with personalised designed then Clear Skyes is for you - Sammi is so talented and is very open to creating a design/colour personal to your tastes. I love supporting small business, and knowing my purchases are individual and not available on the high street makes them even more special to me.

I hope you're all having a super-sparkly Tuesday! 

Bye for now...

Mrs B


Disclaimer: I was sent the set of six copper glitter milk bottles in the wicker basket and the extra large clip top jar with chevron design for the purpose of this review. All words, images and opinions are my own.