Monday 13 April 2015

Barney Warner Photography: Surrey & Sussex Based Photographer

Meet Barney! 

Trusting someone to capture your most special moments on camera is a big deal. Every couple dream of getting the 'perfect' wedding shots or of getting some stunning family portrait photographs taken, and sadly, sometimes we can be greatly disappointed with the final images. I have friends who haven't got a single usable wedding shot due to a dreadful photographer, and another who had pretty hilarious (but not what they'd hoped for) newborn baby photos from one of the well-known high street photography studios. 

With that in mind, I always find it best to hire a photographer on recommendation - and today I want to recommend the wonderful Barney Warner photography to you, my lovely blog readers! 

Barney is based in the Sussex and Surrey area of the UK (the area I was born and grew up in) and we hired him (after many recommendations) as our wedding photographer back in 2012. I cannot tell you how wonderful he, and his wife Emma were. Not only did they produce some absolutely STUNNING images, but they were also the friendliest and most relaxed and fun photographers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. They didn't boss people around (which I've witnessed at other weddings) and they really seemed to genuinely enjoy the day themselves, joining in and having fun with us all, all the while staying professional and capturing some truly magical moments from our day on camera. 

Since then, Barney and Emma have also captured some incredible images of little Bert - we had a newborn shoot with them at their home studio when Bert was just one month old! The results were marvellous - and they didn't even bat and eyelid when Bert did a horrendous projectile poo across the (luckily wipe clean!) studio floor! Funny memories! 

Barney, Emma and I have stayed friends ever since our wedding, and I love checking out their Facebook and Twitter pages to see what beautiful moments they've been capturing! Recently, I even got to work crocheting them a gorgeous oversized textile yarn basket for them to use in their newborn photo shoots - so watch this space for some very cute baby shots using my handmade basket in the future! 

Homemade textile yarn basket for Barney's newborn photo shoots. 

I can't wax lyrical about Barney's work without showing you the results of his labours - so, I'll let their images speak for themselves. Here are some of my favourite images from Barney Warner Photography - you might spot a few familiar faces too...

Teeny weeny baby Bert! 

Baby B-Man

The Bertster! 

Familiar faces??

Barney's prices are hugely competitive - and I can reassure you first hand that you won't be disappointed with the results of your photo shoot. From your wedding day, big family occasion, children, pets - whatever it is you want to photograph - Barney is your man! 

He can also provide printed canvases, acrylic blocks or disc packages for any photographs he takes for you.