Saturday 15 December 2018

New PJs from The Pyjama Factory *review*

The people over at The Pyjama Factory sent us an awesome little package last week - full with new pyjamas for the kiddies and Liam, plus a big snuggly dressing gown for me! I LOVE pyjamas, and would wear nightwear 100% of the time if I could get away with it - there's nothing better than getting new pyjamas - so I was super excited to feature this lovely brand here on the blog.

At The Pyjama Factory they sell an array of pyjamas for babies, children and adults, featuring loads of well loved characters such as: Harry Potter, Marvel Superheroes, Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom, Peppa Pig, Star Wars, Cars, Pokémon, Jurassic Park, PJ Masks and many more. They also sell adorable matching Christmas pyjamas for all the family, which are perfect for this time of year.

We opted for all-year-round wear pyjamas, and instead of going Christmas themed, we each picked our favourite item from the website - unsurprisingly, Liam picked a Star Wars set of mens pjs, Bert chose The Incredible Hulk (his favourite superhero) and Connie chose some Holly (from Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom) pyjamas. I was massively in need of a new cosy dressing gown, so opted for this rather than new pyjamas.

I have to say I am massively impressed with the quality of the pyjamas compared to their price - usually more budget friendly pyjamas would have a cheaper feel to them, but all three pyjama sets we received are great quality, and a good fit too. I always size up with pyjamas for the whole family as we like them loose and comfy - so I got Connie's in age 3-4 (She's a very big 2.5), Bert's in age 7-8 (he's a big 5.5) , Liam a medium (he's usually a S-M), and my robe in a size 16 (I'm usually a 12/14). I'm pleased I went bigger as they all fit well, and will last us a long time!

Each set has now been washed and dried too, and they've washed really well, not losing shape, no shrinkage or fading, which is great. They've quickly become the kids favourite pjs and so I've even had to get them washed and dried in a day, so they can wear them again the next night. Bert's had a run in with a jam sandwich, and came out of the washing machine unscathed too (thankfully, as I hadn't taken these pictures at the time!).

Connie's Ben and Holly Pyjamas were priced at £9.99

Bert's Incredible Hulk Pyjamas were priced at £10.99

Liam's Star Wars Pyjamas were priced at £15.99

and my dressing gown was priced at £20.99

If you're looking for an easy to navigate website, that sells great quality pyjamas for the whole family, then definitely go and check them out! The delivery was super-swift and FREE. Our total order should have cost a few pence shy of £58, which isn't bad going considering it clothed the whole family.

My dressing gown is called the Ladies Super Soft Flannel Fleece Embossed Animal Dressing Gown, and it is the softest thing ever - literally like wearing a warm hug! I loved that it features animal print (which I love and is so on-trend right now) but in quite an understated way - it's not the full-on Bet Lynch leopard print, but instead a muted grey tiger/zebra stripe effect, which, as the title would suggest is embossed into the fabric, giving it a gorgeous texture! It also has a hood, making it extra snuggly and warm, two pockets (which is so handy for mum life stuff - dummies, phone, tissues, snacks!) and a tie waist.

We had so much fun taking photos for this post - what is they say 'never work with children or animals'... it was genuinely like herding drunk sheep to try and get decent shots of everyone... here's a couple of outtakes to make you giggle!

Mrs Bishop


We were gifted the nightwear in return for this honest review.