Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lovely friends & Lovely things... :-)

Okay, so in a bid to keep my mind busy, and keep thinking positively with the hope that I will feel completely back to normal soon, I thought I'd blog again....This time just a random mix of nice things instead of my dreary moaning on about the last few weeks. 

Firstly, i wanted to share this gorgeous picture I found on a blog I follow...the lady who took it is a keen photographer, and she takes such lovely images - this one just caught my eye & made me smile, there's something magical about it...

Also, in true me style I've been taking tons more pictures of my lovely kitten - she always cheers me up & brings a smile to my face, so here goes....hope she makes you smile too...

I also saw this beautiful wallpaper design on the internet earlier that I just LOVED - it is called 'My Neighbours' and it is similar to the wallpaper I've bought for my bedroom (which we haven't gotten round to actually hanging yet - but we will - soon!) What do you think of it? ...

This is the actual wallpaper I've bought for our bedroom...Its called Hamstead Ink Little Greene....I just love it, its so quirky and cute. I think the inky illustrations of the houses are just adorable, and hopefully it will look good in our black and white themed bedroom on a feature wall. :-)

Also have stolen some nice inspirational images from my fellow blogger friend Mrs Shilts, who writes a lovely blog, and is full of inspiration for weight-loss and achieving your goals. I think these images pretty much sum up how I'm feeling about my weight loss at the moment....

I'm now just 1 lb off of my first 3 stone loss, and I'm pretty sure the madness of the past week has helped shift that last half a stone, but anyhow, its a loss, and I'm happy with that. I'm pretty sure that once I'm back to 'normality' and work, and exercise I will be able to work that last stone off before our big day. Lots of positive thinking, self control & exercise needed over the next 4-5 months. 

Lovely Friends....

I had a lovely surprise in the post today from my gorgeous friend Carmi - the postman delivered a great big parcel addressed to Lady Lucy Moon and Señor Bishop :-) all brightly coloured and decorated etc, and had a lovely letter inside...(Am I weird for still getting excited about getting post?)

It turned out to be the most beautiful ornamental birdcage for our big day! It is stunning. We have already bought a few to hang up around the barn filled with plants and/or candles, and this one is simply stunning...

Thank you bubba! We LOVE it! 

Also had a visit a few days ago from my lovely friend Steph, her hubby and two lovely kids, they bought me really lovely 'get well' cards, and yesterday her lovely little girl sent me an iPhone audio message saying 'get well soon Lucy' in that beautiful cute voice little children have - made my day! 

I feel so lucky to have so many great friends who are always popping round, texting, calling and sending me little treasures! You are all treasures. Every single one of you xxx

What would life be like without wonderful friends? Rubbish - that's what it'd be. 

Also, a special little mention to my mum & sister who are both ill and resting up in their beds at the moment - :-( Get well soon guys! What are we like? We've been such a sickly lot recently! Lets hope the rest of 2012 is  much healthier. 





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