Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Oh dear...a mixed day...

Electrical Disasters & Vintage Loveliness 
...what a mix! 

What a weird day! A real mixed bag...I woke up feeling really rough - my back was hurting so much, and had a horrible headache (pain behind my eyes) and was (and still am) worried it might be the beginnings of a migraine. So was feeling a bit sorry for myself. 

Then when I came downstairs I felt as if the house was a mess, and it was making me feel worse, so I just started pottering and doing as much as I can manage. I was tidying, wiping down the sides in the kitchen, and re-arranging bits and pieces in the kitchen, and I totally absent-mindedly wiped (with a barely wet yellow sponge) over the switch in the kitchen that turns on the hob/fan/fridge-freezer/cooker, and about 10 secs later there was a massive BANG! :-( 

It scared the life out of me, and all the sockets in the house stopped working, and there was a scorch mark under the socket :-( Oh dear! So I did what any woman would do.....I cried a lot, and then called my Mr. :-) Lol. 

I found the fuse box and flicked a switch and it all came back on, but obviously I was still worried about what had happened, so I called out an emergency electrician (this was at 1pm) they quoted £75 plus VAT and parts :-( not good....! Anyway, they said they'd send someone in the next 2 hrs (by 3pm) and low and behold, and 3:15pm they called to say actually they couldn't send anyone until FRIDAY! Morons. I was not happy!!! How good is that 'emergency call out service'??? Rubbish! 

Anyhow, I decided to message my friends brother, who is a really nice reliable electrician, and hopefully he will come over take a look for tomorrow (fingers crossed!) I would rather pay him than some moronic company! Lets hope I've not done too much stupid damage! :-( 

So, highly stressful day on the electrical-front! 

I feel sooo angry at myself, and very stupid! I mean how basic is it to know that water & electricity don't mix? I am officially a moron, and being home so long has turned my brain to jelly! 

Apart from that drama, I've just been pottering around the house all day, doing as much as I can manage, and then sitting on the sofa to recover! Its pathetic! I've managed to get a fair bit done, but it just takes me sooo long to do anything because of the back pain. 

Vintage Loveliness....

In a more positive tone, I have recently found out about a lovely Vintage business in Milton Keynes, called Vintage Scoops, which is basically a lovely Vintage ice cream van, run by the lovely 'Mrs Scoops' (Hayley)- she hires out her services at any functions (weddings/parties/fayres etc) and she runs her own Vintage Wedding Fairs! Her lovely van is called Betty, after her Grandmother, and it is just beautiful! 

What a lovely idea and just a perfect job! Its a shame she is Milton keynes based, as I would have loved something like that at our wedding in Surrey. 


A snippet of the Vintage Scoops Menu...

Vanilla with Pod
Double Chocolate
Strawberries 'n' Cream 
Mint Chocolate Chip 
Sticky Toffee 
Rum & Raisin 
Banana & Butterscotch 
Maple & Walnut 
Peach & Mango

She does lots of lollies as well in great 'retro' flavours like - lemonade, cider, larger & lime, and cherry brandy. Yum!

 Excitingly, Hayley is running a Vintage Wedding Fair soon in MK, and me & my lovely friend Liz are going to check it out - I'm sooo excited!!!

Looks fab & can't wait to check it out! Something lovely to look forward too.

I have been playing with a new photo app on my phone, as I found an image of me from my birthday in October, and I wanted to compare it to a more recent image, to see if I could notice my weight loss - as its really hard for me to 'see' a difference as I look at myself every thought I'd share it on here and see what you think. :-) I was pleased as although its only a head shot, I do think you can see a slight difference. 

Also got a lovely new cute pic of my Mr & Kitten - having a cuddle - how sweet....

She is SUCH  a daddy's girl! And a massive poser - when I get my iPhone out she actually stares and poses ;-) 

Right, I'd best get on...

Lets hope I manage to get through today with no more disasters...

Thats all for now



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