Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My Lamp! And other teatime favourites! x

Okay, so my obsession with afternoon tea goes further than just my day trips out. There are hints of my love for all things tea-related all over my home! :-) Mainly, with my beautiful Teacups Lamp (from Next) ... which was one of my most favourite 'buys' of last year! 

My gorgeous 'Teatime Terrace' Mug! Absolutely love this - and was a bargain at £2.85 from Tesco.

 My doorstop in the living room :-)

 Our kitchen cabinet, a new addition to our kitchen, with my bargain £5 teapot from Wilko's, my Laura Ashley jug, my Kilner sweetie jar and my beautiful Cath Kidston mugs, a gift from my friends Josie and Kerry. Also our very large cheese box (from The Cheese Kitchen, Castle Road, Bedford), our beautiful champagne glasses (again from Josie & Kerry) and my deco-patch cupcake, which I made in an art class. 

 Our tea/coffee/sugar pots from Tesco

My gorgeous cupcake hooks, a christmas gift from my lovely sister! Adorned with my (perhaps over the top!?) apron collection! :-)

I love being surrounded by things that remind me of my favourite things (tea, cake, vintage, baking, sparkles etc). They don't need to be expensive, or designer, or pretentious, I love finding little bargains, sometimes in surprising places. Or making things myself! :-)


  1. Lovely mugs and champagne glasses

  2. Hehehe..they are indeed! So are the friends that bought them for me ;-) xxx

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