Wednesday 1 February 2012

A tired but happy blog....

I'm off work at the moment with a horrid bad back, in lots of nasty pain & am taking some crazy painkillers that make me all woozy. So I've had quite a slow day. As you can imagine not being at work is great for the first few days and then starts to get really boring, so I very much look forward to seeing people, other than my lovely Mr & the cat. So tonight I was looking forward to seeing my lovely in-laws who came over for some dinner & to talk about our wedding! :-) I cooked a simple Greek casserole called Kleftiko, with a Greek salad, some homemade Tzatziki and some pitta breads, followed by a fresh fruit salad, and weight watchers thick cream. It was nice and slow to prepare, and was food I could cook in little stages and rest in-between, also was healthy and balanced which meant I could stick to my calorie goal, and not over-eat which I usually would at dinner parties. It was nice and relaxed, and I didn't have to run around as all the food was ready when they arrived and my Mr helped too. 

It felt really nice to talk about the wedding, and was great to have our in-laws support and advice. I've come away from tonight feeling much more organised that I thought I was, and much more ready to face all the rest of the organising we have left to do. A few more phone calls tomorrow and I should have the disco booked for the evening, fingers crossed!! :-) We're getting there! I know the next few months are going to fly by and before we know it August the 11th will be upon us! 

 This was me in the kitchen earlier, preparing the casserole - wearing my lovely Alyssa Smith Tweetie necklace, and my gorgeous apron from Monsoon. 

 I have an App on my iPhone that lets me make these cool 'Keep Calm' vintage inspired signs, and one of my best-friends Steph showed me a cool one earlier, that inspired me to make this one! For all fellow-teachers out there who are counting down the days until the next holiday! :-) 

I absolutely fell in love with these pictures ^^ - they completely and utterly sum up the whole theme for our wedding day! I found them on a lovely website called - they sell a beautiful array of wedding-themed bits and pieces, a few of which I'm definitely going to purchase for our big day. Including.....

 ^^This lovely quirky sign! :-)

And this gorgeous 'Time for Tea' sign, sweet! We think they will look so cute around the barn for the reception. Exciting! 

Right, off to sleep now & dose up on some pain killers! A good and productive day though, considering I spent most of it lying on the sofa resting! Feel really excited about our big day & proud of myself for not over-eating tonight, I can definitely see my eating habits are changing, and I am much more controlled in what I choose to consume. Here's hoping for another good day tomorrow & a loss when I weight myself on Sunday! 

Night all