Sunday 12 May 2013

The Twin Comes to Stay.... :-)

What a lovely weekend! 

This weekend has been full of lots of wonderful things, and I've now got a major case of Sunday Blues... the horrible 'I don't want this weekend to end' feeling. I love it when I get to the end of the weekend and I know I've not only accomplished little jobs that needed to be done, but that I've also done some lovely things with friends and family. It definitely makes my working week more bearable when I know I have a fab weekend to look forward to. 


The first majorly exciting part of the weekend was picking up our first ever car on Friday afternoon. My husband passed his driving test a few weeks ago (all ready for Baby Bishop's arrival in August), and we were so excited to pick up the car - it feels amazing to have the freedom of being able to drive wherever we need to go instead of relying on walking and public transport. 

our new baby - Suzuki Liana GTI :-)

Later on Friday night my lovely twin sister Jojo arrived for the weekend. I love having family and friends to stay, and was so excited to see her after having not seen her for about a month. She was excited to see growing bump, and feel him kick! 


On Saturday we drove over to my favourite cake shop called 'Fancy' for lunch... both hubby and my sister had never been before, and I couldn't wait to show off my favourite cake spot to them. They of course enjoyed it just as much as I thought they would. 

Our cake selections.....chocolate brownie (hubby), lemon drizzle (Jojo) and lime & coconut cake (me) 


Lovely hubby - with our very bright smoothies! 

a couple of savoury delights too - cheese scone, and bagel with cream cheese - yum!

although the cakes were amazing - both me and Jojo had eyes that were bigger than our bellies - it pained me to leave even just the smallest amount of cake, but I literally couldn't fit in another morsel. 

We then headed to Mothercare and Halfords for a mooch around - we picked up a few baby bargains in Mothercare, a new air freshener and car windscreen cloth in Halfords. Followed by a nice relaxed afternoon at home just chatting with my sis, drinking tea and sorting out more stuff in Baby Bishop's nursery. 

In the evening we took Jojo to our favourite local restaurant 'The Riverside Grill' which is just off the Embankment. We have been there lots over the years, and never been disappointed - we wanted to share the place with Jojo and it also took the pressure off me having to cook, as I'm feeling blooming knackered at the moment. 

Our Food....
the best starter to share in the world - the mezze platter...lamb kofta, grilled halloumi, flatbread, olives, falafel, stuffed vine leaves, pickled peppers, baba ganoush, aoli and hummus. YUM

Liam & Jojo

Jojo's dinner - chicken, camembert and cranberry burger with double-cooked chips and salad

my dinner - beef burger with pesto & mozzarella, double-cooked chips and salad

Liam's dinner - Thai Green Chicken Curry with rice.

We were so full up after all that scrummy food (and the cake at lunch time!) that we couldn't fit in a dessert or coffee, maybe next time.


Today, we made use of the new car & drove over to the Cath Kidston Factory shop in St. Neots. Loads of friends had told me how great the shop is, and what bargains you can get and I've been desperate to visit - so now that we have the car this weekend seemed like a great time to go and take a peek. We took my lovely Mother-in-Law, and Jojo (who loves CK just as much as I do) and had a great rummage! We all managed to get some lovely bits and bobs - mostly presents for friends & family's upcoming birthdays, and my Mother-in-Law found some lovely red candle sticks/holders for her newly decorated kitchen/dining room. 

aww just the sign makes me happy! 

CK gloriousness! 

On the way back from shopping we completed another 'first' with our car - visited the McDonalds Drive-Thru for lunch! Hahaha! Had to be done. Not a very healthy weekend, but a very yummy one! 

My sister and I have spent the afternoon wrapping all the gifts we bought at Cath Kidston, chatting and doing some little jobs around the house while hubby watched the Formula 1 race (his favourite) and now we're all sat in the living room together watching Toy Story 3 together before my sister has to leave to get the train back to Surrey. 

A lovely pile of wrapped gifts for friends & family's birthdays..! 

Then, I guess it'll be time to get some tea, and do the lunches ready for work tomorrow. 

Lets hope the weather is nice this week, and the working week goes nice and smoothly. 

Did you all have lovely weekends? 

Do you try to balance your weekend with the right ratio of mundane chores to lovely treats? 

I hope whatever you've done with your down-time it's been good for you. 



Mrs B