Thursday, 30 May 2013

UPDATE POST: 27 Things To Do in The Year I Turn 27.

Hi all! 
I just thought I'd write a little update post on my '27 Things To Do In The Year I Turn 27' goals...I'm getting there, and have completed over half in 5 months, so not too bad. 

1. Make Scotch eggs from scratch - made, and devoured! 
2. Go to an authentic American Brunch - All done, and it was scrummy! 
3. Have an afternoon shopping session at St Pancras Int - all done, and no doubt I'll find the time to shop there some more this year. Sorry bank balance!
4. See Wicked the musical again  - all done, and its still fun and fab. 
5. Visit Cornwall  - we had a lovely weeks holiday in Looe, Cornwall back in the Easter Holidays...

the view from our appartment

the lovely fishing village, Polperro

 Wonderful Looe

The Eden Project 

Gorgeous Cornishware miniature cup and saucer for Baby Bishop, bought from Daisy's Cafe, Looe, Cornwall. 
6. Hold a Superbowl Gathering/Party - all done, was great fun! 
7. Learn to Crotchet - I am still yet to master this skill...I have 7 months left to have a go! :-)
8. Finish off knitting and sewing projects  - I have managed to finish a pair of cushions, a tote bag, and a knitted baby blanket - and have nearly finished two knitting projects for BedYarn (the Bedfordshire Yarn Bombing event), my final two projects to finish are my reversible changing mat, and my Wonky Wilma soft toy. I hope to complete the mat tomorrow, while eating cake and drinking tea with my fellow-sewer friend Clare!
9. Join the Clandestine Cake Club & go to various events  - I am now a regular attendee of CCC meets, and loving it! 
10. Visit drinkshopdo  - all done and I LOVED it! 
11.  Join in with Bedford’s ‘Cash Mob’  - all done. 
12. Go to Claridges for afternoon tea - I'm still hoping to do this for my birthday in October. 
13. Visit St Helena’s in Elstow for our First Wedding Anniversary 
14. Visit Harry Potter Experience in Watford - Need to book a date for this! 
15. Go to Cadbury’s World - tickets booked for 29th June - I can't wait! :-)
16. Make a hand raised pork pie - 7 months left to complete this task...
17. Read ‘Les Miserables’ by Victor Hugo - Still haven't had the chance to read this yet, I'm so busy reading baby/pregnancy books. 
18. Arrange a Picnic in the Park event with Liz - this may well have to wait until next summer as time is flying by and I know I'm going to be busy and ever-expanding this summer. 
19. Go to Calzone & Co in Bedford - all done. 
20. Visit and support local independent shops more frequently - I am trying to do this as much as possible and plan to continue for the rest of the year and beyond. 
21. Redecorate the small spare room in preparation for our new arrival.  - All finished, and I LOVE it! 

22. Partake in some Random Acts of Kindness - now we have a car up and running I will be able to do some more Random Acts of Kindness, although I have managed a few this year, including taking home baked goods to friends houses. 
23. Hand make/ hand bake gifts - I have been doing loads of this for friends and families birthdays, and plan to carry on throughout the year.
24. Lose my post baby weight - obviously can't do this until after the baby has arrived. 
25. Make swimming part of my weekly routine - This one is waiting until I can actually fit into a swimsuit! Lol. 
26. Develop some art work and branding for my blog - all done. 
27. Eat an original Bedfordshire Clanger  - a Clanger is a historical pasty style pastry that originates from Bedford – it combines sweet and savoury by having a meat filling in one end, and a fruit one in the other. Gunns Bakery in the town centre is one of the last places in Bedfordshire that still make and sell these little beauties. 

I have finally completed this task today! :-) After living in Bedford for 8 years I have finally eaten a Clanger. 

While awaiting a bus home after a long and boring hospital appointment, I decided today would be the day I'd try my first ever Bedfordshire Clanger for lunch. My bus stop sits right outside Gunns Bakery in Bedford (the home of the Clanger), and usually the time I travel means that the bakery is closed. However, because its half term, and I'm not at work, it was open, and the smell wafting out of the door was enough to tempt me. 

Gunns Bakery

The Clanger in all its glory

meat side - gammon

fruit side - apple

I very much enjoyed the Clanger, it was a lovely lunchtime treat. The pastry is a rich suet based pastry, and the fillings are lovely - a salty savoury gammon and onion filling in one side, and a sweet apple filling in the other side. Now, my husband needs to try one!

So, theres the update! A few more left to complete and some works-in-progress. Seven months left to get cracking. 

Have you set yourself goals for this year? 
How are you getting on with ticking things off of your list?

Bye for now

Mrs B


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