Monday 2 September 2013

Nexcare Product Review - Maternity Support Band, Postpartum Support and Cold/Hot Maternity Compress.

The people from 3M Direct recently sent me some of their Nexcare maternity products to try out - those of you who are regular readers will know that I have a slipped disc in my back, and because of that I found my pregnancy to be particularly painful. As bubba grew so did the pressure on my bottom disc! :-( So I couldn't turn down a chance to try some items that might help relieve that pressure a little.

The first product they sent me was a maternity support band - designed to ease discomfort in your back and abdomen during pregnancy (for 20 weeks onwards) by supporting your baby's weight.

The Nexcare products...

The support band was very easy to put on (velcro fastenings around the bottom and top of your bump) and I instantly felt the support it gave me, taking the pressure off my back, and taking some of Albie's considerable weight for me! The band was very easy to move around in, and comfortable to wear for long periods. I just wish I'd known about the product earlier, as I didn't start wearing it until 34 weeks; had I had this product pre-34 weeks I'd have definitely worn it daily to work - as being on my feet at work all day really did hot up the back pain! 

maternity support band - under and over the bump - taking the pressure off

The band is invisible under clothes, and just makes moving around and being active during those final weeks of pregnancy a little easier. Especially if, like me, you have a pre-pregnancy back complaint. 

invisible under clothes, and gives support to bottom of your back

The second product sent to me by Nexcare is perhaps my favourite of all - the ColdHot Maternity Compress, which is a set of two boob-shaped gel packs, which you can pop in the fridge, or heat up in warm water and place inside your bra to ease the breast pain and discomfort that comes with being pregnant / a new mum. These really do the trick and are far superior to cabbage leaves or frozen peas! 
I'll spare you a picture of me using them though - I'm not that mean! ;-)

The ColdHot Maternity Compress complete with nipple holes ;-) these are seriously a must for any lady who is considering breast feeding - trust me! 

The final product Nexcare sent me was the postpartum support - this is a stretchy band designed to wrap around your abdomen in the days/weeks after delivery to help provide gentle yet firm compression to support your muscles post-delivery. Again, I have also found this product supportive of my back, helping to take some of the strain, and keep my posture correct - everyone knows slouching causes back pain, and this band just gently reminds you to sit up straight and tighten your tummy muscles. 

the postpartum support on a model much more pleasing to the eye than me post-delivery! 

For those of you lovely readers out there who are expecting a little bundle of joy soon and who fancy giving some of the Nexcare maternity products a go, I have a lovely 20% off discount code for you to use on the 3MDirect website....


Happy shopping! 

Mrs B