Friday 8 November 2013

John Lewis Secret Santa

Hello Lovelies! 

I'm happy to announce that this Christmas I'll be taking part in the John Lewis Blogger Secret Santa.

It should be great fun - I'm looking forward to finding out which Blogger I'll be finding a gift for, and super-excited to see what someone chooses as the perfect gift for me! 

I think gift buying and giving is one of my favourite parts of Christmas. I love shopping in any form and at any time of the year, but there's something incredibly special about the mass-present-buying at Christmas. I love thinking about the people I love and deciding what I think they'd like and then seeing their reactions when they open their gifts.

I think Secret Santa can be really hit and miss. I've taken part in many SS challenges over the years - mainly in the workplace, and most of the time it seems to me to be an outlet for people to get rid of unwanted gifts of smellies or chocolates in old gift bags rather than putting in time an effort to get to know the person you've been given, and finding them a perfect gift. 

I'm a real stickler for wanting every gift I give to be really truly thought about, with effort put in, and the receiver in mind at the time of purchase or making (I like to homemake as many gifts as I can manage each year). I hope that the recipients of any gifts I give can feel the love I put in. 

I also don't think it matters how much you spend on a gift - from £5 to £50 a gift can still be perfect no matter what the budget. Some of the nicest gifts I've ever received have been small in budget, big in thought. 

Christmas isn't all about gifts - and truly the real magic of Christmas for me is getting to spend time with my awesome family and friends. I'm especially excited this Christmas as it is my son Bert's first Christmas - he'll be 4 months old! Exciting times! 

Are you taking part in any Secret Santa challenges this year?

Mrs B


PS. This sums up Christmas Day for me and my family....


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