Tuesday 12 November 2013

Giant Paper Rosette Craft Tutorial

Today I'm bringing you a super fun craft tutorial on how to make your own giant paper rosettes. 

Much like the gift rosettes you can buy for sticking on wrapped gifts, these giant paper rosettes are a beefed up version which make amazing decorations - think Christmas, parties etc... 

I first saw these giant rosettes in a local shop window and I instantly wanted to know how to make them! 

giant gold rosettes in shop window

giant gold rosettes in shop window

I made mine out of wallpaper left over from my childrens' nursery, 'Cockatoos' by Quentin Blake available from Wallpaper Direct.

Giant Paper Rosettes Tutorial



Double sided tape (or folded sellotape)
Left over wallpaper
Scissors or craft knife
Cutting mat (if using a craft knife)
Ribbon or string

Dimensions of paper strips for the rosettes:

For a large rosette (50cm diameter)
One 10 x 40cm strip
Two 11 x 90cm strips
Four 11 x 1m strips

For a medium rosette (40cm diameter)
One 8 x 20cm strip
Two 9 x 70cm strips
Four 9 x 80cm strips

For a small rosette (24cm diameter)
One 5 x 15cm strip
Two 6 x 40cm strips
Four 6 x 50cm strips


step 1 paper rosette

 1. Cut out all your strips of wallpaper using the dimension guides above. 

step 2 paper rosette

2. Fold one of your longest strips in half to the centre. Twist one end of the wallpaper strip so it meets the centre fold.  Staple in place. 

step 3 paper rosette

3. Repeat with the other end of the wallpaper strip. 

step 4 paper rosette

4. Repeat steps 1-3 with another of the longest strips. Put two pieces of double-sided tape on the bottom of this second strip and fix it inside the first so the two are at right angles to each other. This makes the first layer of the rosette.

5) Repeat steps 1-3 with the other two longest strips, placing each one inside the first layer of the rosette and fixing them with double-sided tape as in step 4.

6) Repeat steps 1-4 with the two shorter strips and place these inside the rosette.

step 7 paper rosette

7)   Roll the short strip of paper loosely and staple the ends together.  Place some double-sided tape on the bottom and fix it in the centre of the rosette.

Giant Paper Rosettes Tutorial
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finished hanging paper rosette

8) Attach a length of ribbon or string to the back of each rosette using strong Sellotape. Your rosette is now ready to hang on the wall.

These paper rosettes are originally from the book Scissors, Paper, Craft by Christine Leech, available on Amazon. It's full to bursting with brilliantly effective paper craft tutorials, so I whole-heartedly recommend it.

I'd love to see your attempts if you have a go yourself!

Happy crafting everyone!

Mrs B