Monday 4 November 2013

The “Little Wins” and “Big Wins” of Parenthood *picture heavy*

So, I’ve now been a mummy for 10 whole weeks, and it is everything I could have ever hoped it would be, and more. Of course, at times it is difficult, tiring, frustrating...but most of the time it is full of so much happiness. 

I thought that today I would share with you some of the observations I've made of parenthood since becoming a mummy myself... the tiny moments that you cherish, and conversely the things you miss and then totally re-appreciate when you experience them again! 

I've broken them down into 'Little Wins' - those tiny moments that I've come to appreciate, and 'Big Wins' the utterly magical moments of being a mummy that I will never ever forget. 

Little Wins…

-drinking an actual HOT cup of tea or coffee

-eating a whole meal from beginning to end without having to pick up the baby, feed the baby, rock the baby in his bouncy chair with one foot while sitting at the dining room table.

-sleeping for the WHOLE night undisturbed (I have to admit, I’m so lucky on this front, as Bert has been sleeping through since about 4 weeks old).

-realising at the end of the day that your outfit isn’t covered in little white sick stains!

-going to the toilet without bubba watching you in his bouncy chair

-having a bath or shower without bubba watching you in his bouncy chair.

- sitting down to read a book/magazine/facebook or do some crafting for longer than a few stolen minutes undisturbed.

-leaving the house (without baby i.e. date night) and realising you can take a pretty handbag which doesn’t way a TON!

-actually arriving ON TIME for something (I still don’t think this has happened yet!)

-managing to get up, washed, teeth brushed, hair brushed and dressed before lunch time (this doesn’t happen very often!).

-painting my nails and not smudging them after 30 seconds.

-having a conversation that doesn’t involve poo/wee/sick/milk/labour/nappies! (a rarity!)

As well as these ‘little wins’, parenthood is FULL of amazing ‘big wins’ too, that make the tough moments all worthwhile….

The ‘Big Wins’ of parenthood…

-snuggles with Bert at any time of the day or night, they’re always magical!

-seeing Bert smile at me properly for the first time, and then every subsequent smile after that!

-When he grabs hold of my hand, hair, clothes and snuggles into me.

-Hearing the cute funny gargling noises he makes, which are getting more controlled and more in response to us chatting at him, it is truly magical watching your baby learn and grow.

-showing Bert off to family and friends, it never gets boring.

- smelling his lovely baby hair, always makes me feel calm and happy.

-the funny nappy changes when he manages to either pee in his own face, poo on my arm, poo on the carpet – all of which have happened at some point over the last 10 weeks. 
Always hilarious!

- the compliments from strangers when we’re out about how lovely Bert is, always makes me super-proud!

-Bert’s first smile of the morning when I lean over his crib and say “good morning’ and he just beams at me – amazing!

-Capturing the 'perfect' photo of him...

-Witnessing any of Bert’s “firsts” – first time we took him swimming, first time in the baby bath, his first photo shoot, and his first time in the ‘big boy bath’ etc.

-Seeing my husband being so gentle and cute and amazing with Bert, any mum will know how much this makes you melt inside.

-dressing Bert up in a super-cute outfit….and taking zillions of photos of him.

What are your 'little win' and 'big win' moments of parenthood? 
I would love to hear them .

Bye for now!

xx Mrs B xx