Wednesday 1 January 2014

12 Month Baking Challenge...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my lovely blog readers!! 

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and I bet you are  all no doubt fed up of turkey sandwiches and mince pies by now! 

I've turned my mind to thinking about goals and resolutions for 2014 - and bar the usual ones (lose weight, spend less, hand-make as many gifts as I can) I have decided to set myself a monthly baking challenge. 

I have had to realise since becoming a mum that I don't have the time to try and take over the world; that my boy needs me more than I need to try and be super-mum, super-wife, super-baker, super-crafter. So this year I wanted to set myself a manageable and achievable target...


The idea is that each month I pick one item from the list to bake. They are all recipes that I've never baked before, but always wanted to. They each use different skill sets, and I have chosen a mix of sweet and savoury items. I'll blog the results of each bake through the year. 
Here are the choices (in no particular order, I'll bake them in whatever order fits at the time). 

Hot Water Pastry Pork Pie
Coffee and Walnut Battenberg Cake
Millionnaire Shortbread
Bakewell Tart
Pecan Pie
Baked Alaska
Christmas Pudding
Bacon & Onion Suet Pudding
Chocolate Honey Cake (Hummingbird Bakery)
Beer Battered Onion Rings
Viennese Whirls
Banana Tarte Tatin

I'm excited about taking on this challenge, and hopefully I'll fit in more recipes along the way (dinners etc). I'm also hoping that just one bake a month will help with the weight loss...Liam's office can expect lots of food-parcels making their way in to work! 

If any other bloggers out there would like to join my baking challenge and blog the results then please do? Let me know if you're taking part and I can link up to your recipe posts and share them on here as well. 


Mrs B