Thursday 23 January 2014

Neckerchew Review from Cheeky Chompers

This is SUCH a genius idea! 

I'm annoyed I didn't come up with it first - it's so simple, yet so effective - a bandana style dribble bib with a built in teething chew on the end! 

The Neckerchew is from Cheeky Chompers, and retails at £11.99 - the bib comes in lots of lovely colour ways and patterns, all of which are reversible, washable and super absorbent. 

The lovely people at Cheeky Chompers sent Bert a fab blue striped Neckerchew to review, and both he and I absolutely love it. Not only does it co-ordinate with his many stripy outfits (I am obsessed with stripes and anything nautical), the bib is so soft, comfortable for baby, and definitely does the job. 


The Cheeky Chompers Story…

The Neckerchew was dreamt up by two Edinburgh ‘mumtrepreneurs’, Julie Wilson and Amy Livingstone while on maternity leave with their first children.
The idea came out of necessity after countless catch ups with friends and numerous dropped, dirty or lost teethers as well as a gaggle of dribbling babies!

It was the simplicity of the idea that was so appealing: why not create a teething product that is attached to the baby as well as being super absorbent?

The Neckerchew idea was born!  Over the next 9 months they set to work designing, sourcing materials, safety testing, quality testing and appointing a locally based UK manufacturer and after lots of hard work and late nights Neckerchew is ready to hit the shelves…

The Neckerchew packaging includes this cute little ditty...

Dear Baby

Here's a chewy dribble bib
Made with love for you
To help catch all your dribble
When your toothy pegs break through
A must have in your wardrobe
Cool and stylish either way…
And your special squidgy endy bit
Helps soothe the pain away…

Our little ones love them, we hope yours do too

Julie and Amy xx

Bert and The Bib

Bert has been using the Neckerchew bib this week - and I love it so much I've been hand washing it at night and popping it on the radiator to dry so he can wear it again the next day! 

the teether end 

My cheeky chomper sporting his Neckerchew - in his matching outfit ;-) so stylish! 

Bert gives it the cheeky smile seal of approval!

chomp chomp chomp - its not going to be long until we meet that first toothy peg! 

The Neckerchew ticks every box for me and would be a really gorgeous gift for any new arrival - its so practical while being comfortable and soothing for baby, and aesthetically pleasing for those of us who love our babies to look super-trendy but not at the expense of comfort. 

Check out the Cheeky Chompers webiste here for all the fabric options - I will definitely be ordering some more for Bert, one just isn't enough!

Happy Chomping Little Ones! 

Mrs B


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Disclaimer: I was sent one Neckerchew bib for the purpose of this review; all words, views and photos are my own, except 'The Cheeky Chompers Story" , the CC logo, and the poem from the packaging - which are all from the Cheeky Chompers website.