Tuesday 23 December 2014

Marvellous Malteaser Truffles ... *RECIPE*

Back in November I got to meet the very lovely Jemma from Iced Jems at a Blogger cookery course with Comte Cheese (you can read all about our day here). We hit it off straight away & were soon nattering about all things baking. When I got home I headed straight to her site to have a peek, and fell in love with not only her fab recipes but her gorgeous and very reasonably priced bakeware available in her online shop

Always searching for homemade foodie Christmas gift inspiration, I was delighted when I came across Jemma's recipe for Malteaser Truffles on her blog. They looked so impressive yet seemed simple and cheap to make, plus, I'm a BIG fan of Malteasers (who isn't?) I decided I'd have a go at making some for Christmas gifts this year, so I set about ordering some great little Petit Four cases from Jemma's shop, and some gorgeous windowed chocolate boxes from eBay so I was all ready to give them a whirl...

The recipe sees you combine a mixture of Malteasers, Malted Milk biscuits, sweetened condensed milk, cocoa powder and butter to form a truffle mixture, which you harden in the fridge before rolling into balls and decorating with Milky Way Stars sprayed with Gold Edible Lustre Spray. How festive! 

I made four boxes of 16 truffles today as Christmas gifts, and a few extras to spare gobble up, and I'm SO super impressed with how they've turned out. They are truly delicious, look really professional and were simple but really fun to make. 

If you need to pull together a last minute gift, want to impress your host this Christmas, or want to make something with the kids to keep them amused during that "Is it Christmas yet?' hysteria, then this recipe is for you! 

They would also make perfect little sweet treats for New Years Eve...any excuse for whipping up a storm in the kitchen. 

Malty goodness waiting to be all whizzed up...

It looks almost glittery - stirring in the condensed milk...

Theres an unctuous truffle mix if ever I did see one...

T'ah D'ah! Malteaser truffles in all their glory!

Boxed up and ready to give as gifts this Christmas

Each truffle works out at about 75 calories, they last for 2 weeks in the fridge once made, and trust me when I say that you won't regret giving them a whirl. 

Here's the link to the full recipe again, and if you want to see more of Jemma's fab recipes then you can follow her on her social media channels:

Iced Jems on Facebook
@IcedJemsLtd on Twitter
icedjems on instagram

Sending lots of Christmas love to all my wonderful readers - I hope you have a super-duper yummy-scrummy Christmas.

See you on the other side...

Mrs B