Thursday 15 January 2015

Heinz Baby Breakfast Range *REVIEW*

Today is the final post in our Heinz Baby review series and for this we've been trying out Heinz's extensive range of baby breakfast products.

Breakfast is my most needed meal of the day - I am always most hungry at breakfast time, and for me, it is also the time I am most likely to munch on something I shouldn't - so it is important for me to eat a good breakfast that will fill me up quickly, and stop me from falling off the 1200 calorie-a-day limit I'm currently on to get my final stone off. 

Due to my love to breakfast (nature? nurture?) Bert absolutely LOVES it too - and has always eaten a huge breakfast - some mornings he eats more calories than me! So we were excited to give Heinz's range a whirl...would they meet Bert's breakfast "must eat" list? 

For this review we were sent:

-a box of creamy oat porridge
-a box of strawberry, raspberry & blueberry muesli
-a box of fruit & yogurt cereal
-a box of oat & apple cereal
-a box of apricot & muesli
-a large pack of breakfast biscotti
-a small pack of apple biscotti
-two ready-to-eat tubs of banana & apple muesli
-two ready-to-eat tubs of creamy oat porridge

Over the past 6 weeks Bert has been munching his way through the breakfast options, and giving me his opinions. He's now at that age (16.5 months) where he can make his thoughts clearly known - he will spit out something he doesn't like, say 'no' and shake his head to foods he doesn't fancy, and make his "I'm really enjoying this" zombie-groan constantly through a meal he really likes. It is now easy to know what he likes and doesn't - and on this breakfast bundle Bert definitely had mixed reviews. 


He absolutely loved both the biscotti packs, and they were the first things to go! They are such versatile little biscuits - you can munch them as they are as a snack, or perfect for a quick breakfast 'on the run' (think adult breakfast biscuits), or you can mix them with milk or water to make a soft porridge like mixture which can be eaten from a spoon. We used the biscotti's not only at breakfast but also as an accompaniment on his lunch time plate, or an afternoon snack. Their perfect long finger shape make them the ideal finger food for your little ones, and as they can be eaten from 6-7months + they are a great first food too. Bert ate them at 7 months, and still enjoys them at 16.5 months - they're clearly a winner for us! 

The Heinz Baby biscotti contains no artificial colours or preservatives and are fortified with 6 key vitamins and minerals making them a really healthy breakfast/snack option. 

£0.74p Apple Biscotti snack pack (Tesco/Sainsburys)
£2.15 Breakfast Biscotti 160g pack (Tesco/Sainburys)

Heinz Baby Biscotti - a clear winner in The Bishop household


Bert's close second in this breakfast bundle was the creamy oat porridge both in the ready-to-eat pots, and the powdered form. He usually eats fine porridge oats for breakfast, and I think this is the closest in taste and consistency to what he has become used to. Soft, velvety and creamy, this breakfast was happily wolfed down by Bert with no fuss made at all. The ready-to-eat pots were really handy on mornings when we had to be out quickly, or when we were travelling over Christmas - he seemed to enjoy them just as much as when I made up the porridge from the box using water (the powder already contains milk). I'd definitely buy more of the ready-to-eat pots next time I see them in the supermarket as they have great expiry dates on them, and would always be handy to have around. I'd happily give him a pot like this for dessert after his evening meal too, he likes it that much! 

The ready-to-eat Creamy Oat Porridge contains iron and calcium from brain and bone development, and has no added sugar. It is suitable for babies from 6 months +, so another perfect 'first' food. The boxed Creamy Oat Porridge is super smooth in texture and so suitable for babies from 4 months + - it contains calcium, vitamin D and 12 key vitamins and minerals. 

£2.15 125g box Creamy Oat Porridge
£1.09 (Tesco) £0.97p (Asda) 2 x 100g pots Creamy Oat Porridge 

Creamy Oat Porridge - Bert loved its velvety texture and creamy taste! 


Unfortunately, not all of the breakfast items went down so well with The B Man...he showed a firm disliking for the muesli - and having tried it myself (I try them all too, for reviewing purposes) I can sort of understand why - the muesli seems to have a grainy/gritty texture, which is a little unpleasant to the palette. The flavours are really lovely, sweet and fruity, that really isn't the issue for us - it is all about the texture. 

You make up the muesli using milk, and actually the longer you leave it to soak in the milk, the softer it becomes. Bert will eat it once the milk has been left on for about 5 minutes, before then it is a bit too grainy for him. He isn't usually lazy about lumpy food, so I really think it is a genuine aversion to the texture rather than him not being bothered to chew it. 

Each portion of muesli contains three teaspoons of fruit per serving, and has the usual 12 vitamins and minerals, making it a really healthy balanced breakfast option for older babies: due to the lumpier texture this cereal is suitable for babies from 10 months+.

£2.15 200g Muesli box (Tesco & Sainsburys) 

*They are quite often on a 2 for £3 offer at Tesco, so it's worth watching out for that offer and stocking up!*

Bert just wasn't a fan of the texture - leave the milk on for 5 minutes though, and he's good to go! 

Overall, we've really enjoyed trying the Heinz Baby Breakfast selection, and can't fault them in their flavour, ease to make up, and nutritional values. Bert has wolfed down lots of the selection over the past 6 weeks, and the breakfast bundle will no doubt last us for many more weeks to come. Having looked at the pricing and seen the many supermarket offers the breakfast range seem to regularly be included in, I think the breakfast products are very good value for money, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to fellow parents, and buy them again for Bert. 

Happy B Man at breakfast time: some creamy oat porridge and a biscotti, and he's a very happy chappy! 

What does your little one like to eat for breakfast?

Have you tried any of the Heinz Baby Breakfast range? If so, what's your little one's favourite? I'd love to hear from you. 

I'll leave you with one of my favourite pictures of Bert from this Christmas - he is so funny in the mornings, and Christmas morning was no exception...sat in his high chair waiting for his Heinz Breakfast...

Funny Bert at breakfast time over Christmas! What a stunner! 

Bye for now

Mrs B


Disclaimer: We were sent a hamper of Heinz Baby Breakfast products for the purpose of this review. All words, opinions and pictures are my own.