Friday, 29 May 2015

Quirky Animal Cards & Prints from Sophie Morrell *REVIEW* & *GIVEAWAY*

You might remember that I introduced you to the gorgeous illustrated cards and prints from Sophie Morrell last Christmas, when I featured their fabulous Christmas cards here on the blog. Today however, I wanted to share with you some of the other work available to buy at Sophie Morrell online. Plus, the chance for one of your lovely readers to win a stunning framed 10" x 10" print of your choosing! Hurrah - we love a giveaway! 

Richard Morrell is the artist behind Sophie Morrell the company (named after his daughter, Sophie) and his designs are so full of fun! If, like me, you're an animal lover who appreciates a good helping of humour to boot, then you're sure to love his work. From sheep and ducks, cats and dogs, pigs and brown cows to hedgehogs, owls, penguins and reindeer - there really is something for everyone within his collections. 

The Sophie Morrell greetings cards are separated into different themed categories, and the majority of the cards are blank inside, and therefore pretty multi-occasion! Handy! 

The card ranges are:

-Bee Squadron (Bees)
-Brown Cows (Cows)
-Cat Food (Cats)
-Dogs Dinners (Dogs)
-Duck Pond (Ducks)
-Foxxz (Foxes)
-Flower Power (Flowers)
-Funny Bunnies (Rabbits)
-Heavy Weights (Elephants)
-The Hedge Blog (Hedgehogs)
-Hen Party (Hens/Chickens)
-Horse Box (Horses)
-Ice Cubes (Penguins)
-Nut Squad (Squirrels)
-The O'Dears (Reindeer)
-Piggy Bank (Pigs)
-Snuggly Sheep (Sheep)
-Wise Guys (Owls)

As well as ranges for:

Each card is priced at £3.00, or you can buy a mixture of 8 cards for just £10! There is also free postage & packing on all orders. 

I wanted to share with you all a few of my favourite greeting card designs from the Sophie Morrell ranges:

Divebomber, Dinner Date, Chandelier, 
Blue Rinse, Cedric, The Great Escape
Prime Suspect, Sausage Dog,  Bacon Burger

Why not have a peek through their ranges, I'd love to know which cards are your favourite...

I can't possibly choose just one favourite card, I have four! ...and here they are...

'Semi Skimmed' blank card £3.00 

'Chandelier' £3.00 blank card

'Sheep Station' £3.00 blank card

'Sly Stallone' £3.00 blank card

As well as the card ranges, Sophie Morrell also offer a selection of framed and unframed prints to buy. 

Unframed prints are priced at £20, or 2 for £35, 3 for £48. 

Framed prints are priced at £40-£48 and come in your choice of white shabby-chic or black shabby-chic frame. 

Here's a selection of some of the prints available:

So many beautiful prints to choose from...

Again, it's hard to choose my absolute favourite prints from Sophie Morrell, but my top two are:

One of my favourite prints from Sophie Morrell - 'Inhognito' 

My other favourite SM print: 'Lucky Duckies' framed print £40. 

I love the elegant shabby-chic/French country kitchen colour palette Richard uses in his work, I adore the humorous titles, and think the playfulness and silliness in his illustrations are just charming. 

If you too like the designs from Sophie Morrell then why not head over to their Social Media platforms and say hello...

@_sophiemorrell on Twitter
@sophiemorrellart on Instagram 
Sophie Morrell on Facebook
Sophie Morrell on Pinterest

Luckily for you, my lovely readers, I have a brilliant prize from Sophie Morrell up for grabs...


I have one 10" x 10" framed print of the winners choosing from Sophie Morrell to give away! 

All you have to do to enter is fill in the Gleam App below. 

GOOD LUCK everyone! 

Mrs B 


(UK entrants only please)

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  1. I love the Inhognito card! So sweet!

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  7. The dinner date, difficult choice

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    Thanks for the giveaway :)

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