Monday 15 June 2015

Baked Eggs with Feta *RECIPE*

I love to try out new recipes on a weekly basis if I can manage it - usually nothing too fancy, good wholesome dinners using easy to find ingredients, or even better - store cupboard staples! 

I read a lot of food blogs and get loads of my kitchen inspiration online. Some of my favourite food-blogs for reliable and family-friendly recipes include:

Every Nook and Cranny
Le Coin De Mel
A Girl Called Jack
A Life of Geekery 
Let Her Eat Clean
Honest Mum 
Fab Food 4 All
Lavender and Lovage 

Last week I came across THIS RECIPE for One Pot Eggs with Feta & Peppers over on Jo's lovely new-look blog 'Every Nook & Cranny' - I knew as soon as I read through it that I needed to give it a go. 

A simple mix of sautéed onion & garlic, a tin of tomatoes and some jarred peppers to make a thick unctuous sauce, with chunks of feta cheese tossed in, and then four eggs carefully broken into the sauce - you finally bake in the oven until your eggs are cooked just the way you like them. Heaven. 

Any meal where you can take the pan straight to the table and delve in with big chunks of bread is going to be a winner in The Bishop household, and oh how we loved this dinner!! 

We added some super-hot scotch bonnet pepper sauce to our tomato/pepper sauce base for some extra oomph, but if you like things mild you can leave this out. 

I love that this recipe uses things I mostly always have in my cupboard - I use British Lion Eggs and always have them in the house, as well as tinned tomatoes and onions/garlic. The only items I might potentially need to buy are some feta and jarred peppers, although I sometimes have them in anyhow - especially in the summer when I try hard to live off Greek salad! :-)

Cooked from start to finish in about 20 minutes this is such a quick and easy family-friendly meal, and is a nice cheap one too. 

British Lion Quality eggs - yummy, healthy and so reasonably priced! 

You just know this is going to taste great from the raw ingredients! 

And boy did it look inviting once it was baked...

The whole kitchen smelt heavenly while it cooked, and I found the recipe to be absolutely spot on - the only change I made was adding some of my scotch bonnet pepper sauce and a few chilli flakes to add some heat.

Like Jo, I served mine with fresh crusty bread - in this instance I warmed through some part-bake baguettes to serve alongside it. 

We seriously couldn't wait to dive in! 

This super tasty recipe is the perfect dinner for two, or accompaniment for four. It would be the ideal weekend brunch, or would be lovely with barbecued meat in the summer - it really is so versatile! 

Big thanks goes to Jo from Every Nook and Cranny for sharing another corker of a recipe!

Please do head over to her blog and give it a go too! 

Mrs B


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