Monday 1 June 2015

The PERFECT Girls Night In with Choc-On-Choc

Bath-based luxury chocolatiers Choc on Choc recently sent me over their amazing Chocolate Biscuit Collection to try out. The collection is made entirely from the finest Belgian white and milk chocolate and each chocolate is shaped like Britain’s most iconic biscuits! 

Anyone who knows me well knows that:

a) I am OBSESSED with biscuits and

b) Chocolate is important to me. I might even love it about as much as I love my cat. 

Never one to turn down free chocolate - especially when they're shaped like my favourite biscuits - I set to work on the hard task of tasting each and every one! I didn't think I could quite manage them all on my own, so I roped in my husband and great friend Jade to help me (poor things, not!)

On Saturday night, my lovely friend Jade (who blogs over at Late for Reality) joined me for a well earned Girls Night In Sleepover. 

I was armed with my 'everything you need for a good sleepover' arsenal. 

This included: 
-a yummy homemade dinner
-the fabulous chocolates from Choc-on-Choc
-a big jug of Mojito cocktail
-a bowl of posh crisps, and 
-a girlie DVD


A girls night in selfie...had to be done!

We chatted and scoffed our way through all the yummy treats (and barely noticed the DVD playing in the background) it was a perfect way to recharge the batteries, and was great to catch up with lovely Jade before we head off to the BritMums Live conference in London together in a few weeks time.

Okay, back to the chocolates...

Priced at just £12.00 for the box, they would make the best gift - if you like to buy unique  gifts for your loved ones, then undoubtedly these would go down a real treat...not just your standard 'box of chocs' this fun twist on a classic not only look incredible but taste dreamy! 

They come beautifully packaged in a lovely box, and so would make the ideal gift for any biscuit/chocolate/cool stuff lovers! (i.e everyone!)

As the mojitos chilled in the fridge I quickly snapped some pics of the chocolatey delights to share with you..

They've been sat in my kitchen for over a week and it took all of my self control not to dive in and devour them! 

The collection is inspired by the quintessential British tradition of afternoon tea and has been produced using the brand’s patented chocolate layering technique. This unique method has created beautiful chocolates that look identical to real biscuits - in the set you get two pink wafers, one Bourbon, one Custard Cream, one Digestive, one Jammy Dodger and a Party Ring biscuit! All your favourites in solid Belgian chocolate! PERFECTO!

Chocolate heaven: and don't you just LOVE my wooden Bourbon biscuit board - this is still number one in my 'best present ever' list (thanks Liz!)

An iconic British brand themselves, Choc on Choc produce every single chocolate by hand at their ‘Chocolate House’ in Rode, a small village near Bath in the South West of England.

The brand takes its name from the patented production method invented by its founders – Flo Broughton and her father Kerr Dunlop – which decadently layers chocolate on top of chocolate.

You genuinely cannot fault their stunningly intricate chocolates, and they don't disappoint on the flavour front other - rich, silky, smooth and creamy - the slowly melting Belgian chocolate is truly delicious. If you can bare to bite into them and not just stare at how cool and beautiful they are, that is. 

Jade and I halved each chocolate so as to get a taste of them all - the Jammy Dodger has the addition of a little red food colouring to give the chocolate its jammy-looking centre - how cool does it look? 

The white chocolate was my favourite (Oh how I love white chocolate - I think it reminds me of the Milky Bar treats of my childhood) but each and every chocolate was really great, and before we knew it Jade and I had polished off the whole box (we did save one for Liam!). Teamed with our mojitos they were the perfect addition to our girls night in. 

Mojitos + Choc-on-Choc = AWESOME NIGHT IN

These chocolates would make an awesome gift for Father's Day if you're Dad is rather partial to chocolate, biscuits or both! :-) You can thank me later for introducing these to your life .... you're welcome! 

Mrs B 


Disclaimer: I was sent a box of Choc-on-Choc Chocolate Biscuits for the purpose of this review - all words, photos and opinions are my own. 

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