Saturday 3 September 2016

Sylvanian Families Accessory Kit *REVIEW*

Hello Lovelies! 

Life is mad and hectic here at Chez Bishop - I'm still adjusting to life with two children and a very busy freelance career... my feet aren't touching the ground right now, but I'm hoping for a little more balance once Bert starts part-time pre-school in mid September. 

Hopefully normal service will resume here on the blog once I'm in a bit more of a routine and get better at managing my time. I'd like to get to a point where I feel like I'm covering all the bases well, instead of just about managing to keep the balls in the air, which is how I feel at the moment!! 

Needless to say, today's post will just be a quickie...

I wanted to share a gorgeous little package we received from our favourite toy brand Sylvanian Families.

Bert was sent Freya Rabbit from the Chocolate Rabbit family, after she's been on a special shopping trip. This figure is an exclusive collectors figure which is sent to all members of the Sylvanian Families Fan Club.

Freya Chocolate Rabbit Sylvanian Families

Freya Chocolate has been invited to a party at the Walnut Squirrel Family's house. 
She wanted to look her best so she went on a lovely shopping trip to the village boutique. 
Freya purchased a wonderful outfit to wear - a beautiful flower-patterned dress with a flower brooch. She also got some pretty earrings and a pink handbag to match perfectly with her dress. Freya is now all ready for the party!

As well as his new Freya, Bert was sent this fabulous Accessory Kit - full to bursting with bags, jewellery, hairbands and even some snazzy glasses for his ever-expanding Sylvanian collection.

Accessory Set priced at £6.99

Bert is a huge fan of imaginative play - and one of his favourite things to do is play with his Sylvanian collection and his dolls house. So of course, he had a field-day when he was let loose on his figures with oodles of accessories. 

He had a go at styling Freya all by himself, and I think he did a grand job! 

Doesn't she look fab? 

Freya Chocolate Rabbit with Accessories from Sylvanian Families
Freya Rabbit - complete with floral dress, handbag, necklace, flower brooch, hair bow and funky red glasses! 

Sylvanian Families review from Mrs Bishop

If your little one has a budding Sylvanian collection like Bert, then this little accessory kit is a brilliant gift idea at just £6.99 - I hate to mention the 'C' word, but it would make an ace stocking filler too! 

Bye for now

Mrs B


**We were sent Freya Chocolate (collectable figure) and the Accessory Kit in exchange for this post.**