Wednesday 7 September 2016

Top Five Recipes from Previous Bake Off Contestants...

It's t-minus 5 hours until tonight's instalment of #GBBO and I'm over-excited as usual. 

Gosh, how I love this show! 

My love for it has never wained, and I still laugh at every single pun and hint of innuendo from Mel, Sue, Mary and Paul. 

Usually, I settle down to watch GBBO with a scrumptious homemade (sugar-laden) treat - but alas, this month I am putting myself through a personal challenge and attempting a refined sugar free September! So there'll be no snacks for me tonight. 

I'm one week into #sugarfreeseptember and so far so good - it has already taught me how much I normally pick at food unconsciously: a crisp or leftover biscuit off of Bert's plate, a few chocolate covered raisins, a bite of Bert's leftover sandwich or chicken nugget. Hopefully that's a habit I'll be able to kick by the end of the month. 

Anyhow, for all you lovely lot who aren't banning the white stuff from your life and in anticipation of tonight's show (Series 7, Week 3: Bread Week) I thought I'd share some of my very favourite recipes from past contestants of the show...

1. Miranda Gore-Browne CHOCOLATE BOURBONS

This recipe is my all time favourite biscuit recipe. Totally outstanding results - will make the best Bourbon you've ever eaten. I promise. 

Miranda Gore-Browne's Bourbon Biscuits
Miranda's Bourbons! Image from 'Biscuits' by Miranda Gore Browne 

If you're as biscuit-mad as I am then you need to ensure you have Miranda's book 'Biscuit' in your life...

2. Holly Bell - Lotus Bread 

The lovely Holly Bell published this recipe on her blog this morning and oh how I rejoiced (and then died a little inside because I can't give it a whirl until October, *SOB*). 

If you've read my blog for a while then you'll know that I'm mildly obsessed with Lotus Biscoff Spread (basically crack cocaine in a jar!)...a decadently creamy and addictive smooth or crunchy spread made from caramelised biscuits. So, needless to say, any recipe containing this wondrous ingredient is sure to raise my heart rate a little. 

Think brioche loaf meets cinnamon whirl filled with Lotus spread and you'll be close to the core of this bake. It looks INSANE and I cannot wait to try it. 

It is also the perfect recipe in time for tonight's Bread Week on Bake Off, perfect timing Holly you evil genius! ;-) 

Holly Bell's Lotus Bread
Holly Bell's Lotus Bread - image from her blog Recipes from a Normal Mum

I can throughly recommend Holly's book for a whole host of brilliant family-friendly recipes...

3. Edd Kimber - Melting Moments

Now you're in for a real blast-from-the-past with Edd's 'Melting Moments' - anyone else remember these little beauties from their childhood? My Nan used to make these, although they didn't look quite as amazing as Edd's do and they weren't filled with delicious sounding passion fruit curd: Edd's are my Nan's melting moments on steroids! Ha! 

Edd Kimber's Melting Moments
Edd Kimber's Melting Moments from The Boy Who Bakes

Have you read Edd's book Patisserie Made Simple? It's I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E 


4. Jo Wheatley - Ferrero Rocher Brownies

I first made these decadent brownies for my auntie's 50th birthday a few years ago - they went down an absolute storm (who doesn't love a Ferrero Rocher?) They've now become my go-to brownie recipe. I hope you'll love them as much as I do...

Jo Wheatley's Ferrero Rocher Brownies
Jo's Ferrero Rocher Brownies - image from her blog Jo's Blue Aga

If you're looking to expand your cook book collection then Jo's 'Home Baking' is a brilliant all-rounder. 

5. John Whaite - Giant Banana Butterscotch Chelsea Bun 

I leave you with yet another perfect bake for tonight's Bread Week on Bake Off...this monstrous bun combines two of my favourite flavours: banana and butterscotch. Heaven in a bun right there! 

I defy anyone who wouldn't want to give consuming this whole giant bun in one sitting a good go! 

John Whaite's Giant Banana Butterscotch Chelsea Bun
John Whaite's Giant Banana Butterscotch Chelsea Bun - image from

John's book 'Perfect Plates in 5 Ingredients' is just the best book for simple, hearty but impressive cooking...

If those recipes haven't got you drooling then I don't know what will!!

Before I leave you, I wanted to share a cool money-saving website to check out if you're an avid baker like me, and regularly give the recipes you watch on Bake Off a whirl at home...

VoucherBox has launched The Great British Save Off - where each week they compare the prices of ingredients for a bake featured in that week's episode of GBBO across all the major supermarkets and work out where is the best-value place to shop for the bake. 

WEEK 1: Lemon Drizzle Cake - cheapest supermarket = Sainsburys

WEEK 2: Gingerbread biscuits - cheapest supermarket = Morrisons

Cool huh?

They also have a brilliant page of Sainsbury's vouchers at the moment if you're looking for a bargain! :-) Happy money-saving guys! 

Will you be baking anything in readiness for tonight's show?

Mrs B