Sunday 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day xxxx

My Mumma is having a nice long lie in this morning, then when she gets up we're going to spoil her with her presents, and making her a mothers day lunch!

I can now post what I got up to in preparation for mothers day!

I made a batch of homemade chocolates ... Some milk chocolate glitter roses, and and some square ones with a hazelnut in the centre. (see pics below) I hope my mum & my lovely friend Alison (my surrogate mum in Bedford!) enjoy them.

I also made my mothers day cards, at WI on Thursday night's craft workshop! I learnt some great new skills... Paper quilling (to make flowers for my mums card, the pink one), and I learnt how to use this paper cutter/stamper to cut out cute cats for my friend Alisons card (the blue one which I covered on cats!! Her favourite!) and I also learnt how to emboss using powder and a heat gun (the flower stalk on my mums pink card is embossed). I made a nice yellow card for Liam's lovely mum, and combined my new skills, added some buttons, some cut paper & some quilling. So I really hope they all like them, and appreciate the personal touch.

I also bought my mum "Call the Midwife" the book, as she really enjoyed the series on BBC1. And I made her a dry felted hanging heart at a WI Stitch & Bitch session a few weeks ago. I'm looking forward to seeing her open them.

I've attached some awesome 50's Mother's Day images that I found on the net, love these images! :-)

Now I need to get my pinnie on & get cooking!! :-)

Lots of love to all wonderful Mum's out there!!!

I'm sitting here wondering when I'll be a mum... :-) Exciting thoughts!!

Lucy xxxx