Thursday 1 March 2012

Tired does not even come close....

Tired does not even come close to describing how utterly exhausted I am this week!

First week back at work, and its actually been far harder than I had anticipated. I had truly forgotten how physical, and how tiring my days are, and how often I'm in danger of damaging my back further, which is frustrating as its making me a bit edgy and nervous around some of the bigger and more volatile children. 

I'm hoping next week will get slightly easier as I get more into the swing of things, and hopefully my physio referral will come through soon & I'll be able to start mending the problem. Am also starting a Pilates class next week, which should eventually help lots. Its not helping that I'm only comfortable taking paracetemol after all my problems with the opiate-based pain killers, and to be honest, paracetemol just doesn't cut the mustard. 

I've been stupidly busy this week as well (one of those weeks where something comes up every evening etc) - so perhaps have done a little too much, plus have been racing around attempting to get properly caught up with work, as I hate being behind or disorganised. So I'm planning on making next week a quieter and calmer one. 

I actually feel incredibly stressed and a bit disheartened, so trying to think positively and make decisions that will help aid my back problem, and help me with my weight loss - its hard coming back to work, dealing with the general stress and responsibility of the job, and being in pain all the time - it wears you down very quickly :-(  Plus the two hour journey home is a bit of a bitch...I need to ease up on myself and not walk every night, but its hard as I sooooo badly want to burn the calories and lose this weight. I didn't do the big walk tonight, as I had to get home in time to eat dinner & leave again by 7pm, but I've felt guilty all evening for not walking, so its a bit of a vicious circle. Need to try and get the balance right. 

Few nice photos to leave you with, as this isn't a very inspiring and positive post....(I perhaps shouldn't have posted at this point of exhaustion!) - I promise for a more positive post next time. 

This is my version of Lisa Faulkner's Rice Krispie Chicken, and it was delicious! :-) Tasted KFC'esque without all the oily-ness. 

Tulips are one of my favourite flowers, I bought myself some this week to cheer me up!

Yay! The spring flowers are starting to come out and are sooo pretty! I actually stopped on a walk home to take this picture of a lovely little row of crocuses! Beautiful! 

The lovely 'Betty' Mrs Scoops' ice cream van - I saw Betty and lovely Mrs Scoops for real last saturday at a vintage themed wedding fair in Milton Keynes, was lovely to have a nose round, and meet Mrs Scoops herself! 

This was the beautiful interior of a vintage caravan available for event hire that I saw @ the MK wedding fair, lovely! 

Reasons to be positive and happy about this week.... (I'm trying!) 

- I have walked 19 miles this week, and will probably do about 4-5 tomorrow, which is more than I've managed in a while.

-I've had some lovely nights out this week including my sewing course with lovely Janet from KitchenTableSewing, and a hilarious night at the yearly WI quiz with lovely Liz and Anwyn from WI. 

-I went to a cool WI-based 'Jamie at Home' party tonight, and ordered some lovely stencils and cutters for baking, which I'm sure I'll love and use lots. 

-I have at least managed a full week of work. 

-My lovely Liam has been re-decorating the hallway & airing cupboard after the damage that was caused by a burst pipe, and it looks much neater and nicer, and means I can have a good sort out over the weekend and finally put away all my airing cupboard stuff. 

-I got a beautiful and very generous present from my lovely friend Alison from work today - she bought me a gorgeous set of vintage floral china - 3 tea cups and saucers, and 3 side plates, also a beautiful string of handmade bunting, and a gorgeous floral handmade apron for all my baking & cooking. It was so thoughtful, and really boosted me when I've been feeling so in-pain and disheartened. 

-I have a nice weekend planned with some more vintage shopping in Milton Keynes on saturday with lovely Liz, interspersed with some tea and cake from Fancy, a cafe/cake shop in Bedford I'm yet to visit, but have heard lots about. Then on Sunday me and Liam are planning a walk down to Bedford's Indian Restaurant of the Year 'Mem Saab' to try out their sunday lunch buffet, as it is our 2 year anniversary this weekend. :-) Should be lovely! 

So, on that much more positive note, I'm off to bed, so that the weekend will come quicker.

One day to go.