Friday 13 April 2012


It is when I see stunning dresses like the one I'm posting below that I am truly inspired to continue on my weight-loss journey; to push on harder - to keep up the exercise, to keep down the calories, and only have treats few and far between.

There's been a lot of treats this holiday what with Rome, meals out & yesterdays Dacquoise cake. Still, I have not gone overboard (as I would have done in the past), and I've tried hard to counter-act the calories with exercise too. 

Back to work next week - and back to a much stricter regime, lots and lots of walking, at least two cross training sessions and back to Pilates.

The weeks are now slipping away and before I know it the wedding will be here...I have exactly 11 weeks until my final dress fitting. So 11 weeks left to lose as much as I can before I have to maintain my weight to ensure my dress fits perfectly. Im determined to at least get down to my 4th stone off -  9 lbs left to go! I know if I put my mind to it & try really hard I can achieve more than that - but that's a healthy and achievable amount to aim for - any more will be a bonus! :-) 

Dresses  as stunning as this one which I found on my friend Liz's Pinterest Page are absolutely the sorts of things that spur me on & make me even more determined. I would kill to wear a dress like this & feel happy & confident in it. Stunning, just stunning!