Thursday, 12 April 2012

Another Food Post.... :-)

Okay, so yet another post about food! :-)

I have my lovely friend Gemma and her boyfriend Rod coming over for tea & cake this afternoon, and wanted to make something new, that I'd not done before. Recently I've come back across the pecan & maple flavour combination, and remembered how much I love it - so I found a new recipe for a Dacquoise (basically a variation on a pavlova)....and I'm so pleased with the results! 

Its made up of layers of pecan meringue, with masala and maple syrup infused lightly whipped double cream, with crushed pecans and maple syrup drizzled over each layer. :-) YUMMA! 

Not very diet friendly....but one small bit instead of lunch won't do too much damage! :-)

Delish! I hope it goes down well! :-)




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