Monday 23 April 2012

A Weekend in Surrey xx

I had a lovely weekend. So lovely that returning to work this Monday morning seems even more of a travesty than normal (and normally I'm pretty reluctant) this morning even more so!

The weekend started with a very lovely birthday party at my friend Lovely Liz's house, it was a 'Sugar & Alcohol' party, and as the name suggests, there were lots of lovely sweet treats & a constant flow of alcohol. I behaved myself in terms of calories...I drank a bottle of low calorie tonic water & I chose two things from the sweet buffet table, a chocolate trifle in a teacup, followed by a mini cinnamon whirl! I thoroughly enjoyed the night, so did Liam, great company, great food, great night!

Then on Saturday I headed down to Surrey & spent the weekend with my lovely family. My sister, my mum and me headed to Richmond-Upon-Thames (one of my favourite places ever!) and we saw BIRDS OF A FEATHER: LIVE at Richmond Theatre. For those of you who loved Sharon, Tracey & Dorian from Chigwell in the 90's, you absolutely must go and see this. With all three original actresses, and humour just as it was in the 90s the show had us in stitches. They have of course all moved on with their lives, but they are just as funny & have so much chemistry on stage. From the moment I heard the nostalgic theme tune I was hooked. So nostalgic was the music that it choked me up a little!

"What'll I do when you are far away
And I am blue what'll I do?
When I'm alone with only dreams of you.
And I am blue, what'll I do?"

It was such a lovely girlie day out & bought back memories of me and my sister as children snuggling up on the sofa with mum to watch it! Fab!

We also hit the shops in Richmond, and my sister and I both got new dresses in the designer sale at House of Fraiser. My dress is a cute designer floral tea dress £70 reduced to £35, and my sisters was a really unusual prom style strapless dress with pink & grey stripes £220 reduced to £65. We do love a bargain! Both in size 16s too, go us!!

We had a lovely Italian dinner in a beautiful little trattoria on Richmond High Street called Rustica. Which rounded off a very lovely girlie day in style!

On Sunday I had my first trip to Ikea in about 10 years (I never get to one as I don't drive!) it was fab! And not just because of their yummy meatballs we sampled for lunch! I bought a beautiful glass cake stand and dome for £14.99, and lots of other lovely cute bits at such a reasonable price! It was a great place to have a wander, and gave my 16 year old brother lots of interior design inspiration for when he is older & has a place of his own!

On the weightloss front I had a good week...I resisted lots of temptation last week & walked every day, even doing some extra. It paid off! Another 2lb loss, which brings me to my 3 and a half stone loss. 7lb to lose until I reach my initial target of a 4 stone loss. I want to achieve this by my dress fitting at the end of June. So onwards and upwards with another good balanced week this week.

Such a nice weekend, and now back to the grind!

Love Lucy


Random pics from this weekend...