Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Homemade Crisps! Yum!

A picture for you to salivate over! :-)

When cooking dinner last night I thought I'd have a go at making my own crisps! How delicious!
I used a peeler to make thin 'crisp-like' potato slices, heated up about 3-4 inches of oil in a pan & fried them in batches until golden brown & crispy. Then I drained the crisps on some absorbent kitchen towel, then coated with salt & pepper. YUM! These were soooo delicious and would be a really cool thing to do for a party, for guests coming, or even for the kids! Good at teaching them where their food comes from. 

You could really play around with flavour ideas; salt, salt & pepper, a little vinegar, some dried chilli maybe, or some dried herbs - lots of ideas? 

I'm not sure how long they'd keep (as they don't last long enough in our house!) but I'm sure in a sealed bag they might last a few days! 

Let me know how you get on with your own crisp making. 
Have a go! 
Mrs B xxx


  1. yuuuuuuum!!! stop posting such deliciousness.... i want it but you are so farrrr awayyy!! love you xx

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